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Classic art with a twist

Vital Statistics!

Character NameChris NaegWolf
SpeciesGray Timber Wolf
Height5-5ft to 6ft at the moment. He can grows as big as he wants to.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourClassic gray timber wolf furs.
Hair ColourSame gray timber wolf furs as his body. On top of his head is red curly hair.
Eye ColourHazel Green
Clothing1880's Victorian Era British clothes. (The clothes you see british men wears in 1880's on TV.)
AccessoriesNone at the moment
WeaponryAnything he can pluck out from within his clothes or summons weapons and things from within his mind. He have magical powers, kind of like Genies and he can also shape shifts to his own needs or wants and other people too.
Outstanding FeaturesNone

Personality & Background

Personality-Has lovely sense of humor, love to make people laugh and enjoys making people feels better about themselves and helping people. He have respects for people who respects him. In his male form, he can be quiet sometime. His female form, watch out ;-D.(More infos on Christy NaegWolf on her profile soon.)
BackgroundWorking on it.
Likes-Comic books like Sonic the Hedgehog, sci-fi novels and magazines like Doctor Who, anime novels and series like Tenchi Muyo, DragonBall Z, etc. -Likes Giantesses, marco furries, growing bigger in size and masses, gender bending, shape shifting, time-travelling to different realites, role playing, etc.
DislikesParadox(Thinking about what causes Paradox can hurts your head) Stresses, rude people, dislike being clueless. I might add more later.
LocationNo fixed abode.(He have a time machine, why stay in one place or era when you can go anywhere and anywhen?)
OccupationCurrently, Freelancer, sort of.
Additional InfoHe goes by Chris Wolf and Chris NaegWolf in the bigfurs. chat room. He's Hard of hearing person and wears hearing aids. He has been that way since he was born.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote-Everyone have Yin and Yan, everyone does. -What? -Lone Wolf wuz here!

Stay in Contact

AIMChris Naeg