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Rhae, as drawn by Mishakun

Vital Statistics!

Character NameRhae Rivers
SpeciesAnthro Chinchilla
AgeSeventeen years old.
HeightFour foot eleven inches tall.
WeightOne hundred and three pounds.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourEbony Mosaic markings, which basically means she has white fur covering most of her body except for select areas which are a dark grey to black. Each paw is “booted” in the dark soot grey fur, as well as a mask covering her eyes (much like can be seen on a raccoon). Her ears are very dark, almost black, along with her equally dark tail, except for the very tip, which is white. There are small light grey guard hairs poking through her white pelt that give it an all around appearance of being silver. Each of her pawpads are pink, as well as the inside of her ears and her nose.
Hair ColourBlack, with blue undertones. She has a somewhat short and spiky haircut with longer bangs in the front. There are dyed white streaks running through her headfur, but they are larger and somewhat “chunky.”
Eye ColourVery dark blue. Almost black. Though she does have black pupils, her eyes are so darkly colored that it is difficult to tell apart the cornea from the iris.
ClothingVery short and somewhat frilly baby doll dress is preferred, usually red or pink. No shoes, as she prefers to go barefoot whenever possible.
AccessoriesShe always wears a small silver feather pendant on a black velvet cord around her neck. It obviously has meaning to her, but Rhae never says much about it. She also wears three silver hoops through the tips of each ear; one of the loops on her left ear has another small silver feather charm on attached to it.
Outstanding FeaturesNone. Just your typical anthro 'chilla.

Personality & Background

PersonalityRhae is much feistier than one would assume upon first glance. The chinchilla girl has a lot of spunk, and that comes through whenever anyone messes with her or any of her friends. She is also quite intelligent, and uses the backroom at club Puss-N-Boots to do her homework when she's not doing Andy or Nihil's makeup, or waitressing. Driven would be another fitting adjective for the young girl.
BackgroundNot much is known about her upbringing, which she rarely talks about, aside from the fact that she's not exactly close with either of her parents. She doesn't hate them, but she doesn't exactly love them either. Rhae is happy that they allow her to do whatever she wants, though.
LikesApplying makeup, doing people's hair, chewing gum & blowing bubbles, going shopping, long talks in small, uncrowded coffee shops, studying, and being praised.
DislikesToo much noise (aside from music, which she loves), people who yell all the time, immaturity, people tugging on her whiskers, doing poorly on her assignments.
LocationShe still lives at home, but her parents have always been quite busy with their own lives, so the chinchilla was forced to grow up a bit too quickly. Because of this, neither of her 'rents care that she stays out until all hours of the night working at a strip club, or perhaps they don't even realize that's the case.
OccupationWorks as a waitress at club Puss-N-Boots, which is where she met and befriended Androgyny and Nihil. Also does the dancers hair and makeup. Rhae is saving up the money she earns at the club so that she may one day go to school to become a beautician.
Additional InfoSee website for more info!

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"A woman