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A Picture Of Nihil By Me.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameNihil Nothing
SpeciesSkunkitty. Mother is a white housecat; father is a spotted skunk.
AgeNineteen years old.
HeightFive foot nine inches tall.
WeightOne hundred and forty five pounds, fairly slender.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourNihil, or Nil as he's often called, is covered in a pale shade of grey fur with white markings down his back and on his face. He has three large "stripes" on his face; he has one stripe on each of his cheeks, and one stripe on his forehead. Down his back are a number of white markings, but the only ones that truly stand out are on his buttcheek. Each cheek has an out-turned white crescent moon on it.
Hair ColourHe keeps it styled (if you wanna call that) shoulder length and wild. His natural hair color is white, but Nihil dyes it quite often, and right now it's rainbow colored. He'll probably keep it that way, as he really likes it.
Eye ColourBright green, with black pupils. When his hair is not dyed, the eyebrows are the same natural white shade that his headfur is. However, when his hair is dyed, Nihil dyes his eyebrows to match. Currently they're red.
ClothingHe often dresses in a short red plaid miniskirt, with a tight black mesh tank top. Loves high heels and black latex boots. Rarely does the skunkitty wear clothes that are considered appropriate for men; he's almost always dressed in what is typically considered female attire.
AccessoriesHe wears a V-shaped red latex collar around his neck. This was not given to him by an Owner; he bought it for himself simply because he enjoys how it looks. Also wears a gold ring with small rubies imbedded in it on his right-hand middle finger. He has a gold ring in his bellybutton, as well as six golds rings in a corset piercing along each of his sides. Nihil usually wears a peice of colored silk ribbon looped through these piercings.
Outstanding FeaturesHis ears are triangular, like a feline's ears would be; his tail, however, is more like a skunktail. Long, fluffy, and striped; white then grey, rinse and repeat.

Personality & Background

PersonalitySurprisingly, despite how feminine Nihil (who is often called "Nil") looks, he is actually a very assertive cat-skunk. Not shy about speaking his mind, at least when he has something worth saying, the boy often gets himself into trouble with his smart-ass comments and too-deep insight into the minds of others. Nil doesn't bite his tongue, and due to this, has had more than a couple complaints about his behavior at the club. Androgyny, who got him the dancing gig at Puss-N-Boots, has begged him on more than one occasion to bite his lip when the customers act like morons, but Nil isn't exactly tactful. Regardless of this, he has a ton of friends. Aside from his lack of tact, Nil is friendly, outgoing, kind, generous, and usually the life of the party. Of course, because he feels things so intensely, when he's happy he's -really- happy, but the same is true for anger or sadness. When upset, he's prone and throw an absolute fit, with little regard for who may be watching.
BackgroundHe moved out the moment he turned eighteen, and never speaks of his childhood aside from a few basic facts. His mother, as Nihil puts it, was a total whore and ran off on him and his father shortly after she gave birth to him. His father decided to deal with the rejection by burying himself in the bottom of a bottle. Nil doesn't have any respect for either of them, and says he'd rather not waste his time talking about his past.
LikesDancing, singing, shopping for lingerie, talking with other intelligent people, red wine, clove cigarettes, seafood, playing the piano, being the center of attention, and he adores it when people laugh at his jokes.
DislikesIdiots. He absolutely loathes morons. Intelligence is one of his biggest turn-ons, along with shyness. He adores shy, soft-spoken people who listen more than they talk. Since he enjoys being in the spotlight, Nil tends to surround himself with those who enjoy watching & lavishing him with praise more than those who compete with him for a place on stage (both literally, and figuratively speaking.)
LocationPuss-N-Boots is a huge brick two-story building, and only the lower half is the club. Androgyny, Nihil, and Larix (the club owner, a chubby bulldog) live in the top half, which consists of three seperate apartments. Of course, Nil spends most of his time in Andy's apartment, unless Wilde is over.
OccupationNihil is a natural born performer. He loves attention, praise, and catcalls, and lives to be on the stage. Stripping at club Puss-N-Boots along side of Androgyny is his current occupation, but the skunkitty has much bigger things in store, down the road.
Additional InfoNihil and Androgyny are lovers, and Nil is occasionally allowed into bed with both Andy and his master. However, due to Nihil's Dominant nature, it tends to be awkward when both he and Wilde attempts to dominate Andy at the same time. Nil is secretly in love with Androgyny, but hasn't ever brought the subject up with the gendershifting housecat because he worries about making things awkward between the two of them. Nil has told Rhae (a mutual friend of both himself and Androgyny) how he feels about the white catboy, and she agreed it would be in everyone's best interest if he didn't mention the feelings to Andy, who is hopelessly in love with his master.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote“Eternal nothingness is fine if you happen to be dressed for it.” ~ Woody Allen