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Vital Statistics!

Character NameNekotsubasa
SpeciesDemonic Cat
Weight96 lb
SummaryA gentle feline who tnds to keep to herself and doesn't like to talk to people. Neko means cat, and tsubasa means wings in japanese.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourSilver-gray with black stripes. White paws, a white chin, a white troat, a white underbelly, and a white tail tip.
Hair ColourLong, slightly wavy black hair.
Eye ColourBeautiful forsty blue eyes.
ClothingA light salmon pink hooded jacket. Today she is wearing a cyan shirt with a black kitten, and a white kitten on it. She is wearing tight, idigo jeans. There is a tail hole in the jeans. :)
AccessoriesShe has a silver hair tie on her right hand incase she needs to put her hair up. On her left hand, a bracelet made from pure gold has japanese characters on it. The characters read 'Nekotsubasa', which means 'Cat Wings' She sometimes wears a hat. Today she is wearing a tan cap that says "Everything is Better with a Little Dirt." on the front in brown letters, and of coarse there is ear holes.
WeaponryA rather large sword with thick black fur at the handle and a dragon carved into the sword, the dragon's body is wrapped around the sword's blade like it's protector.
Outstanding FeaturesA fluffy tail and soft fur. She also has large, black feathered wings.

Personality & Background

PersonalityShort tempers, but usually calm. Shy. A bit on the anti-social side. Creative. Spends a lot of time thinking.
BackgroundShe has no idea who her parents are, but was raised by a cat demon named Raven. Raven was kind to her, and treated her with love. But one night their house mysteriously burned down. Raven wasn't found, not even remains. Raven still searches for her till this day.
LikesAnimals, nature, the sky, clouds, stars, the moon, and sweets.
DislikesBeing around a lot of people at once, hunters, people who pollute the air.
LocationShe's always travling.
OccupationProbaly looking at the clouds or stars. =3
Additional InfoIf you keep bothering her after she's said for you to go away or leave her alone three times, you're in for it. XD

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"If you leave me alone, maybe I won't hit you."