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Blackpaw badger, Drawn by himself :)

Vital Statistics!

Character NameBlackpaw Badger
Height6' 3
Weight251 Lbs.
Summary He is a simple, yet intelligent being, loving to engage and listen into conversations ranging religion, to cooking. An artist by nature, he devotes his time to the studies of his chosen field, always trying to improve.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colour Black and white, typical markings of his species.
Hair Colour None, shares a short growth with the rest of his body.
Eye ColourViolet in colour, thought they deepen depending on his mood.
Clothing Usually nude, though when he ears clothing, it's loose and baggy, and Earth toned, from black, to brown.
AccessoriesA set of wire-rimed glasses upon his nose, and an odd looking ring on his finger, a twelve starred engraving with a single brown gemstone set into an end point.
WeaponryBlackpaw's claws are more than enough defends, though he has other tricks..
Outstanding FeaturesThe most distinguishing feature being the twin black stripes on his eyes, with a shock of white from nose to mid back.

Personality & Background

Personality He's a silent, usually soft spoken creature of habit, in many ways. A simple badger, with a life he tries to keep just as simple. Though his rougher nature sometimes kicks in, sending him into mood swings, and even slightly violent outbursts of insults, or even all out brawls.
Background There's little to tell, through all the trial and tribulations of life, sexual abuse at a young age, being kicked out to the streets by his father, and moving on after several failed relationships, he's still around and kicking. (I'll probably write something more detailed later on.. but I can't be buggered atm :D)
Likes Honesty, playfulness, compassion for others, making his friends happy, intelligent conversation, chinese food, cool weather. Playing Darts. D&D.
Dislikes Liars, cheaters, thieves (without a reason).
Location Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Sin city, Baby! ^/_^
Occupation He is an artist at heart, but works for a company that services equipment for a convenience store chain called 24-7, among other things. Technically minded, he picks up on most of the more intricate aspects of the job, from changing out a motor, to fully reprogramming a machine. His first love is art, however, and even on lunch break, he's munching a sandwich, hovering over a sketchbook..
Additional Info He's is usually reserved and stoic, in many cases. He doesn't like new people getting close, more out of habit than anything. A loner by his very nature, he's got a small group of people, a Cete, he routinely hangs out with.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote "What... fresh hell... is this...?!"

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