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Vital Statistics!

Character NameNocturne
SpeciesFennec Fox / Snow Leopard Tauress

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack fur with soft red tips, and white snow leopard spots across her entire body.
Eye ColourA warm violet, almost glowing
Outstanding Features( http://furbase.bigfurs.com/index.php?FurID=2716 ) Previous Form

A flash of light over takes the tauress body as you can only watch as the mixing light of violet and black overtakes her entire form. Slowly her hind taur body sinks back into her body, Nocturne arching at the feeling... letting out a low purr as you watch her legs shift down, her head changing to a more feline shape. Her body overall grows smaller... but not much as she ends up being about 7 tall, her tail swishing behind her at about 6 long.

The light starts to fade from her body, showing off her new features. What catches your eye first is the fact that she no longer has any fox traits that you can notice. A full snow leopardess stands before you, keeping her same fur color, the sexy shimmering black with white leopard spots dotted around her entire form. As you pull your eyes from her own, you see her long Raven hair dancing behind her body, swirling around with each movement as it reaches down past her tush.

Your eyes travel down her shoulders, where the layered armor starts and head down the outer side of both of her arms, down into thin gauntlets. On the top of her hands are violet gems, glowing just like her eyes. Leather straps with silver buckles line the inner sides of her arms, rounding toned muscles and almost acts to accentuate them. When your eyes round the curve of her chest, you first catch the many leather straps with the same buckles stretched across her only one pair of breasts, conveniently covering her nipples like in her taur body. The straps are tied tight across the valley, lifting up her large DD-cup breasts, licking her lips as she sees you staring at them. Padding forward, she reaches up to grab your jaw, gently pushing it back together and wags her finger... then points downward.

An audible purr is heard in your ears as you gaze down, now seeing her lower body. Toned all over, she looks extremely flexible and even her long legs show that off. Along the outer sides of her legs is matching layered plate armor, with thick leather straps buckled around the inner thighs and lower legs, the armor leaving her large leopard paws exposed. Black silk cloths both rest over her front and back and hang down close to the ground, hiding whatever treasures may be underneath it.

Personality & Background

Additional Info