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8192 front-on

Vital Statistics!

Character NameVixen 8192
SpeciesAnthropomorphic Vixen
Age4 (Appearance says 19)
Height5' 6" (168 cm)
Weight130 pounds (59 kg)
SummaryVixen 8192 was once described by one of her human superiors as "Rob Zombie music in vixen form: Hard, fast, and scary, yet somehow beautiful". Pseudo-person wrapped in a lithe, tight, slender vixen-morph shell. Sick-fast reflexes (blur on camera kind of fast). Strong enough that with her hand protected in her flight armor she can dent alloy plate (though without armor she'll turn her hand into salsa).

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourTraditional North American Red Fox (Vulpes Vulpes) colors (Red, black, and off-white)
Hair ColourRed hair that extends down to her shoulders in a straight, slightly back-swept pattern
Eye ColourAmber-brown with slit cat-like pupils
ClothingOwns her armor and LSU (See below), six duty uniforms, one Summer Dress Uniform, one Winter Dress Uniform, one full dress uniform for formal occasions, and all appropriate undergarments. Normally seen in her flight armor (see below for description)
AccessoriesFlight armor: a partial hard armor flight suit mostly in reds and blacks, with some white highlighting and trim here and there. It is armored sufficiently to withstand a 12.7 mm armor piercing round on its' plates at a range of 100 yards with no penetration. The soft segments can withstand a .500 Smith & Wesson round without penetration (though significant blunt force trauma) Life support undersuit with bio-telemetry appropriate catheters to handle waste processing (solid and liquid) plus able to act as a liquid-filled g-suit. LSU couples to the inside of the flight armor at sealed ports. LSU also contains equipment needed to defibrilate or resuscitate the pilot should the heart falter or cease beating. Interior-leg drug dispenser system with femoral artery catheter unit and flexible reservoirs, usually loaded with painkillers, tailored metastatic drugs, anti-shock drugs, and high-powered specialized stimulants designed to keep the pilot conscious through any means necessary. Small survival kit (wire saw, matches, lighter, magnesium bar and sparker, water purification tablets, salt tablets, and minor field surgery kit. Helmet designed to provide full cybernetic linkage to the FV-03 fighter and full liquid breathing and intubation of the pilot, as well as impact and flash protection.
WeaponryCarries a small bullpup top-magazine Personal Defense Weapon (PDW), chambered in 5x35 caseless, loaded with a mix of armor piercing, tracer, and standard rounds. 150 rounds are carried in a double-column magazine, and the unique semi-rotating bolt with a 90 degree rotation allows for controllable recoil and a rate of fire of 2,000 rounds per minute. The barrel is 14" long, and the whole thing is able to handle severe abuse.

Layer Knife: A knife made up of zero-g steel that has been compression-hardened layered in a micro-sandwich composite with vapor-deposited monocrystalline carbon (diamond), then sharpened using lasers and diamond blades. The resulting edge will cut most soft ballistic armors, flesh, muscles, and bone equally well: nearly effortlessly.
Special AbilitiesFaster than human reflexes, incredibly sensitive and directional hearing ranging into the ultrasound and infrasound, and a highly-developed sense of smell.
Outstanding FeaturesDigitigrade anthropomorphic vixen. Unlike the more common "cartoony" looking vixens, she has a build and facial structure appropriate to a constructed real fox, with the addition of slightly noticeable lips along the entire muzzle length, slightly thicker muzzle profile (accommodates additional muscles to move the lips properly).

Personality & Background

PersonalityPleasant if a bit stilted due to limited life experiences, but with VERY firm views on where she stands in the hierarchy of life, and equally strong beliefs about her place, future, and status.
LikesServing her people, killing the enemy, flying
DislikesPeople who question her dedication and commitment, people who think she needs to be "more" than she is, and those who insist that she is somehow wrong for her feelings.
OccupationFighter pilot
Additional InfoTheme Music: Rob Dougan - Furious Angels (Matrix Reloaded OST) Note: is sterile and sexually uninterested. Cannot be induced to heat / estrus and is apparently either chemically or genetically prevented from reaching this stage.