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Anadia & her servant Ayden, as drawn by RaccoonChazie.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameAnadia Rosethorn
AgeThree hundred and ninety seven years old.
HeightFive foot five inches tall.
WeightOne hundred and twenty five pounds. Very thin.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourAnadia's flesh is a very, very pale shade of white; some would describe it as translucent. You can see the swirl of deep purple veins just below the surface, if you catch her in the right light.
Hair ColourRaven black long locks trail to her mid-back, and are often let loose and kept unkempt.
Eye ColourA pale shade of grey, almost silver, unless she's consumed with bloodlust. When ravenous, Nadi's eyes turn pure red, even the whites and pupils.
ClothingShe wears a long black ball gown, complete with bell sleeves and a handkerchief hem. She's a sucker for a scoop neck, as well.
AccessoriesOther than the numerous holes, and the various bits of glass, metal, and so forth decorating them? Not much.
WeaponryHer fangs are all she needs. Though, if you want to be technical... the torture devices and experimental procedures she performs are also a form of weaponry.
Special AbilitiesAnadia could be much more powerful than she is, if she focused on her powers as a vampire rather than her powers as a "creator." Alas, the mad scientist is quite keen on creating a better species, so any vamp powers she might have are quite underdeveloped.
Outstanding FeaturesShe's driven several pieces of metal and glass through her skin, marring the perfect whiteness of her slender body with several dozen holes. She occasionally laces silk thread through the holes, giving her skin a corsetted appearance.

Personality & Background

PersonalityThe first thing you may notice about the blood-drinker is that she is completely and totally mad. She is prone to both visual and auditory hallucinations, and believes these things to be more real than most of her true surroundings. When lucid, she is capable of carrying on in depth conversations, but she doesn't usually do so. Anadia prefers to watch, though one can never be sure exactly what it is the quiet vampire is seeing as she's staring blankly into the room.
Background(See story "Creation & Chaos")
LikesBlood, killing, and maiming. Torture and rape. Experimenting on helpless bound victims. Creating new playthings from the scraps. The only person she has any real feelings for is her lover and servant, Ayden, and those feelings could be considered quite mild compared to what a "normal" person might feel for their lover.
DislikesAnyone who disagrees with her, being contradicted, those who don't cry out when they're in pain.
LocationIn her home, Rosethorn manor.
Additional InfoHer animal to call is the wolf, meaning that she is capable of forming a close bond with many lupines, and can call many of them to her side in times of need. Those this power does not always pull through, it is quite powerful and lesser lupines, especially submissives, will be powerless against her soul call. Like most vampires, Anadia does have a weakness to sunlight. Due to her age, she won’t die if she’s caught out in the sun, but she will get fried to a crisp. Time, and blood, would ultimately mend the wounds, as long as she wasn’t left in direct sunlight for an extended period of time. She does heal most other wounds quickly, with sustenance. Anadia’s vampire powers are mostly mental. The two she’s most adept at are perception (the power to read others feelings, body languages, and with enough focus, some thoughts) and persuasion (the power to suggest things in another person’s subconscious and influence their actions), both of which are amplified with wolves. Though by no means weak, Anadia’s powers are not nearly as great as they should be, given her nearly four hundred years of unlife. Because she spends so much time focused on her creations, she has not put the required amount of effort into training herself and improving her powers. Her main weakness is quite obvious, and that is her mental state. She’s completely psychotic, as if you haven’t noticed.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote“Only out of destruction can new creations be born, rising out of the ash of what was once considered perfection…” ~ Anadia Rosethorn