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Ayden By HeatherMassacre.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameAyden Redfang
AgeThirty one years old.
HeightFive foot eleven inches tall.
WeightOne hundred and sixty five pounds. Slim, but toned.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWhen in his human form, he's extremely pale. When in lycan form, Ayden has a bright red, slightly shaggy pelt. We're not talking the more natural reddish orange here; we're talking fire engine red, folks! The only markings on Ayden's fur are black "socks" and "mittens" on each paw, as well as a tuft of black pubic fur.
Hair ColourThe werewolf has black shaggy hair covering his head. His eyebrows and his goatee are also black. In wolf form, he has black fur on his head, on the tip of his chin (he keeps the goatee even in wolf form), and just below his belly button (a patch of pubic fur).
Eye ColourHis eyes, in both human and lycanthrope form, are a deep shade of grey, almost black. They are such a deep shade that it's difficult to distinguish the shade of his eyes from the color of his irises, for most people.
ClothingHis typical attire is usually nothing more than a loose-fitting pair of black slacks. He's not one to wear a shirt or shoes unless absolutely forced to do so.
AccessoriesOccasionally, Anadia outfits the wolfboy in a heavy choke-chain made from a stainless steel linked chain. When playing, the choke-chain is usually latched to a four foot leather leash.
WeaponryClaws and fangs. No need for anything else; as is the case with most therianthropes, Ayden is ridiculously strong, physically.
Outstanding FeaturesSeveral scars cover his chest and back, most of which obvious claw marks left behind by Anadia, his Mistress and lover. Over his heart is a heart-shaped scar, presumably from Nadi as well.

Personality & Background

PersonalityMuch like his Mistress, Ayden is a total sadomasochist. He loves inflicting pain just as much as he enjoys having it inflicted. He loves hunting, and Ayden is quite aroused by the thrill of the chase. When it comes to a fight, he's a bit of an adrenaline junkie, and he's been known to pick a few of them simply to sate his need for a thrill. He's not nearly as psychotic as his Mistress, but he does have his own set of issues. Ayden is very protective of Anadia, and he has fairly severe paranoia when it comes to outsiders. He perceives small things as huge threats, and has a tendency to jump the gun when it comes to defending her. Though out of control with others, he is quite obedient when it comes to Nadi, in part due to their soul-bond. More than willing to do the most menial tasks in order to keep his Mistress happy, one would probably call Ayden eager to please. This was not the case before he met Miss Rosethorn, but the soulcall changed many things about the wolfboy's life. Before her, he was rather self-absorbed and selfish. But love is known to change people, isn't it?
BackgroundHe doesn't care to remember his life before he came to live in Rosethorn manor.
LikesThe thrill of the hunt, running, the wind in his hair, the smell of raw meat and blood, having his hair pulled, being bitten or scratched, making his Mistress happy, helping her create new babies.
DislikesSeeing Anadia sad, someone outrunning him, the smell of harsh cleaners or bleach, reading, his fur getting matted.
LocationAt Anadia's side.
OccupationServant to Lady Rosethorn.
Additional InfoLike a typical lycanthrope, Ayden changes in tune with the full moon. However, time and experimentation lead to the realization that Anadia is capable of soul-calling his wolf. She can link to him and will his werewolf form out of him, causing him to shift on her unspoken command.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote“Love is a reciprocal torture.” ~ Marcel Proust