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Vital Statistics!

Character NameBenji_Coon
Weight117 lbs

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourPretty much the average coat for a raccoon. The only real difference is his grey fur is brighter than most, almost glossy in its appearance.
Hair ColourHis headfur is the same color as his main coat; a bright silvery-grey. The only difference is that it's grown out much longer, a shaggy little mane that's rarely ever brushed properly.
Eye ColourThese are the only points of color on his other white plain body. Circles of bright sky blue peer out from wide, wondering eyes and fuzzy, puffy cheeks.
ClothingThe only clothes he ever wears (unless forced to wear something else) are tighty-whities that are at least two sizes too small.
AccessoriesA set of platinum rings, barely distinguishable from his fur, hang from his tiny, pierced nipples.

Personality & Background

PersonalityBenji is completely submissive and very obedient; he can put up a fight sometimes, whining and moaning about something, but is easily cajoled into doing as told, whether by a few kinds words promising a treat or a nice, hard slap across the muzzle. Though he knows he's 15, Benji rarely ever acts it, instead living much like a 10 year-old, a trait that's been instilled in him by his foster dad. That leaves the boy rather shy, even around people he knows well.
BackgroundBenji was taken from his family at a young age for reasons he doesn't remember. After spending almost 4 years in a group home being picked on and beaten up, he was taken in as a foster son at age 12 by a bear named Bill. In the three years since, Bill's worked to train the coonboi into the perfect little fucktoy, playing with Benji's body and mind to do so. That's slowly dropped off though, as the bear likes younger boys, leaving Benji to go out and explore a little more.
LikesVanilla ice cream, which he always gets when he's a particularly good boy. Spankings, which he'll sometimes deliberately be a bad boy to get. Being used and humiliated in almost every way, shape and form, though he'll never admit he really likes it.
DislikesYelling, scat and vore.
OccupationPart-time high-schooler, full-time sextoy.