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Vital Statistics!

Character NameVetstad
SummaryVetstad is a nineteen-year-old three-tailed orange kitsune. He is originally from Norway, but now lives in Chicago. He has long, black headfur with two red streaks in the front; he wears a black t-shirt, black thong, urban camoflauge-design cargo pants, and a black leather trenchcoat.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourOrange
Hair ColourBlack with two dark red streaks in front
Eye ColourLight blue
ClothingBlack leather trenchcoat, semi-baggy cargo pants w/ urban camo design, black thong, black boots
AccessoriesNipple rings, necklace with gothic ankh pendant
WeaponryDual Mark XIX Desert Eagles, concealed in ankle holsters
Outstanding FeaturesBlack tribal tattoos on back, three tails, black human-style penis

Personality & Background

PersonalityOften moody, though not unfriendly if spoken to; he will often open up to others if he has become friends with them first, at which point he can be quite sociable.
BackgroundOriginally from Norway, moved to the United States at age fourteen. He is fluent in English, though his accent is noticeable.
LikesCigarettes, spanking, leather, anal sex, black metal, goth rock, horror movies, reading comic books, occult research
DislikesRacism, homophobia, vore, inflation, guro, meat, country music, classical music
Additional InfoVetstad has a noticably (though not overly) muscular physique; he is versatile, and can be either a top or bottom, or even switch from one to the other should a situation call for it. He is bisexual, leaning ever so slightly towards the gentlemen than the ladies.