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Rowan Rageclaw, drawn by WilkolakNerevar.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameRowan Rageclaw
SpeciesHybrid. His mother was a dark elf; his father was a werewolf.
AgeOne hundred & thirty nine years old.
HeightSix foot one inch tall.
WeightOne hundred and seventy five pounds, lean but toned.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHe actually has skin, for the most part. Smooth, pale grey skin covers most of his body. Notable exceptions to the almost-no-fur rule are his head (which can be shown either as a dark elf with furry sideburns, or entirely wolven), his hands, and his feet. He also has a tail that one would expect to see on a lupine, giving whole new meaning to the words "Wolf-man." The fur that does cover certain parts of Rowan's body is a deeper shade of grey than his drow skin, and extremely soft.
Hair ColourHis headfur is only a few inches longer than the rest of the fur found on his face and muzzle, and often times allowed to do as it will. This usually entails various cowlicks and whorls, and gives his hair a rugged, never-been-brushed sort of appeal. It is the same deep grey tone as the rest of the wolfboy's fur.
Eye ColourHe has deep glowing iris-less eyes that are a lovely shade of dark red. The phrase "hypnotic gaze" really rings true in Rowan's case, for when his eyes begin to swirl red and black, he's capable of casting a mild hypnosis on certain more susceptible parties.
ClothingA white poet shirt, complete with the ruffled sleeves and cleavage, and a tight fitting pair of black slacks. Though he often times goes without boots, he is occasionally seen in a pair of black leather knee-high boots over the pants.
AccessoriesNone, though he's hoping that someday Rozellyn will bestow upon him the greatest honor any submissive could dream of: a collar.
WeaponryEach paw and footpaw is equipped with finely honed weapons... Claws. His fangs will also do the trick, should they be needed.
Outstanding FeaturesRowan is fairly average, overall, given his species. The only things about him that would seem odd or out of the ordinary would be his pupil-less eyes. He does have one tattoo, and that is a solid black tribal tattoo of a wolf's face on the small of his back.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe tends to think far more than he should, about silly, trivial things. He dwells on the smallest details, for no other reason than because he figures he has plenty of time to poke and prod everything, in a half-hearted attempt to figure out how it works (and also, to kill the boredom). More or less, he enjoys watching, listening, and on-looking. These things have become a way of life for the wolf-elf.
BackgroundRowan doesn't much care to relive his past. At this point, several of the friends he made after being banished from the world of the elves have passed on, and there isn't much pleasure in reliving over a hundred years of loss, grief, and pain. He tries to look towards the future, especially now that he has Rozellyn to share it with.
LikesAs time has passed, Rowan has come to find that his greatest pleasure on this Earth is talking. Having someone who actually relates to you when you've lived a life such as he has is quite a feat, and when that sort of person comes along, nothing pleases him more than an intelligent, lengthy conversation with said person.
DislikesAngering the few people he cares for in this world, stupidity, waste, time.
LocationBecause Rozellyn tends to keep on the move, Rowan has adopted the same on-the-go lifestyle for himself. Carefree is not exactly his middle name, but if it pleases Rozellyn, he's willing to do it.
Additional InfoThough perhaps not truly immortal (only time will tell) Rowan has certainly lived beyond the normal life expectancy for most humanoid creatures. He takes almost no damage when he encounters typical force; extreme amounts of damage heal much quicker than they would if he were human. This is not to say that Rowan is unbreakable, just close to it. He also has minor fae powers, due to his mixed heritage. The ability to hypnotize with his gaze, as well as other glamours, are a few of the things he is able to do. Though nothing is very extreme or over the top, his few abilities have helped him lead a happy life thus far, and Goddess willing, will continue to do so in the future. Another important thing to note is his ability to shift, as slight as it may be. Rowan is capable of changing his face from that of a dark elf (with rather fluffy sideburns) to fully lupine in nature, complete with a muzzle and fangs. He can do this at will, but no other part of his body is changeable. His paws and feet will always remain furred, just as the rest of him with stay smooth no matter how hard he attempts to shift fully.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote“We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they