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Vital Statistics!

Character NameDevon Childs A. K. A. Big D.
Height6' 5 - 250' and beyond
Weight285 lbs. - 8,427 tons and more
SummaryHe usually acts slow on the uptake, but he's a pretty intelligent guy. As you'll see, he's quite playful in every sense... until you call his bluff. That's when ears'll pin back to hide a blush here and there. The hyena is quite nomadic in nature starting from the age of thirteen up until his enrollment in BFCC. He's quick to make friends or try to and surely doesn't discriminate or pre-judge... though he does stay wary of lions until he gets to know them. Don't be afraid to approach him. Lay out a few earscritches or a purr here and there and he'll be putty in your arms... if they can hold a lot of putty-'yena. ;)

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourThe majority of his body is covered with gold fur and brown spots. His right arm is striped gold and brown, a testament to a fallen friend (( Much love, Zay. My heart's with you, my brother. I will never forget you.)) Charcoal fur covers his hands, feet and muzzle.
Hair ColourShoulder length, brown dreadlocks.
Eye ColourGrey
Clothing[[ When regular height ]] Hes casual, to say the least. Aside from the jewelry on his neck and ear (A white gold ankh and Elizabethan style chain on draped on his chest and a silver ankh dangling from his left ear), hes clad in only a large, red T-shirt and a pair of black jeans that drape over his bare paws. [[ When Formal ]] A blue pinstripe suit that actually hangs longer than the regulated size should entail. His shirt is custom made; a banded collar on his neck, French cuffed sleeves, and a midnight blue trim that covers the line that follows each button. His pants are wide-legged to allow for a bit more comfort. Despite their formal fit, the cuffs on the pants still drape somewhat untidily over his bare paws. [[ When large ]] At times he wears a loin cloth to keep him decent. On his feet, hes graced by a set of large, Grecian sandals that tie up to his calves. Each toe is adorned with a broad, intricate ring designed by several hieroglyphics.
AccessoriesA black ZEN in his left pocket. In his right, the chain leading to a brushed silver pocketwatch. He is never seen without two chains around his neck: A white gold ankh leading down towards his navel and an square style chain barely extending to his chest. Around the base of his left ear dangles a silver ankh. At times you will see him with a pair of glasses, be they shades or prescription. One thing he hides is a black and blue swirling orb for when he's larger and a bit more playful. This orb gives him the ability, within a 24 hour time frame, to 'reset' the area back to it's former luster.
WeaponryAside from his own fists, two short swords given to him by the folf known as Cerberus.
Outstanding FeaturesSeveral slightly noticeable wounds on his body and a faux goatee shaped by raised fur on his muzzle.

Personality & Background

PersonalityD, Devon, Big D, whatever you want to call him, is, well, wierd. Carefree 90% of the time. But is that to shield his incredibly brooding nature? You decide. Initially he has a deviously playful side to him. Sometimes, others will get hurt, but it's all in good fun. Right?
BackgroundStill in the works.
LikesOpen mindedness, maturity ( to an extent ), all forms of music, gaming, art, comedy, working out, sports.
DislikesLying and closemindedness are among the highest on his list. Changing him beyond the realm of size. If you've got it in your mind that you want him big or small, go for it. He'll bite most times. But if he's not going to be a male hyena? Then no. You will be schooled.
LocationCurrently enrolled at BFCC.
OccupationRight now he's a liaison between between a government funded Metropolis Macro Defense Organization and the cities they're supposed to protect. In doing so, he has cart blanche to do with them as he pleases... as long as he reforms them.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Believe you can or believe you can't, either way, you're right." Vince Lombardi "When you lose, never lose the lesson" Mahatma Gandhi

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