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Gemma, as drawn by Noah.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameGemma Greene
SpeciesAnthro Panther
AgeNineteen years old.
HeightFive foot three inches tall.
WeightOne hundred thirty five pounds. Slim but shapely.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHer soft, short pelt is snow white in color, without a single natural marking of any color on it. The insides of her ears, pawpads, and her nose are all a pale pink shade.
Hair ColourJust as white as the rest of her, though Gemma has taken steps to change that. Her hair has been dyed just about every color imaginable, from blue to pink to rainbow streaks! Right now, she’s settled on streaking her white headfur with neon pink, spring grass green, and bright blue. It reminds her of funfetti cake, and she loves it.
Eye ColourThe same bright blue as the streaks in her hair. A ring of darker blue lines her pupils, but the color fades to sky blue as it gets closer to her whites.
ClothingBright and bold. Gemma likes standing out in a crowd. She loves knee-high striped socks, and armwarmers. Stripes, spots, splotches... bold patterns are her best friend. Gemma's definitely not shy about making a fashion statement!
AccessoriesYes! The more, the merrier. Brightly-colored bangles on her wrists are pretty essentially. Everything else is just picked to go with her current (and constantly changing) outfit. The one thing that never changes is a small bright green four leaf clover pendant she wears all the time. Gemma says the necklace brings her good luck.
WeaponryNo way.
Outstanding FeaturesNone really. She’s fairly plain, aside from her wardrobe and dyed hair.

Personality & Background

PersonalityJust as bright and happy as the clothes she wears. In this case, the outside really does give you a clear picture of the inside! Gemma is just... bright, bold, and happy!
BackgroundNot much to say, really. She gets on well enough with both of her parents, but she rather enjoys the freedom moving to a town a couple hundred miles away offered her. Gemma can still go home and visit when the mood strikes, but doesn't need to worry about unexpected or uninvited guests.
LikesHappiness, shamrocks, painting, bright happy colors, designing her own clothing, shopping, petite feminine girls, rainbows, funfetti cake and frosting, rodents, etc.
DislikesPeople who are cruel to others without reason, bullies, buzz killers, poor tippers, feeling down, prejudices, homophobes, etc.
LocationGemma has a small apartment near the club, and usually walks to work early each day to spend time with Rhae, who does her makeup before she starts her shift waiting tables.
OccupationGemma works with Androgyny, Nihil, and Rhae at Puss-N-Boots. She's a waitress, and when not on duty she spends a lot of time in the back with her good friend (and crush) Rhae.
Additional InfoGemma is a lesbian; she has no interest in men (as more than friends) whatsoever!

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote“Happiness is what happens to us when we try to make someone else happy.” ~ Anonymous