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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKleave Enos Nodacinko
SpeciesHydras Chimera
SummaryKleave Nodacinko is a Hydras Chimera who with his immortality got himself insane. Not thing much is fully known about Kleave other then no matter what you do to him, He Will Not Die. Intelligent peorlly by remembering and can perform a little Magick, one witch being to make himself and others, Grow and shrink simply by waving his fingers.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourWhite, Gray & Darker Gray Fur, Silver scales
Hair ColourDead Black
Eye ColourWhite with a Black crescent Moon in each & pointing to each
Clothinga small Multi-Green colored, Jesters cap with three tails and a Green pajama looking pants which are tight around his legs
Outstanding FeaturesHis head is small for his body and his hands are to big for his arms

Personality & Background

Personalitymostly like the Joker (of Batman) and Alucard (of Hellsing), just put the two together. He is not Evil.. but don't get me wrong, he's not good ether.
LikesFighting others. the color dark Red. playing with words and playing around with minds who he think deserves it.
Dislikesto be bored
Additional Infoeven though he is Crazy, he is somehow Honorable

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteLive Life To Its Fullest & Let No One Drag You Down