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Edana as drawn by edvixen

Vital Statistics!

Character NameEdana Wynd
Height5' 1
Weightaround 150 lbs.
SummaryA blue husky with a flair for the magical.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlue fur with a white face, stomach, and inner thighs. White is also on her fingers, and under her tail. She has dark blue back markings which are just a big rectangular line down the spine with four dots on either side of the line, spaced out from her shoulders to her hips.
Hair ColourPurple with a cyan blue stripe in the front
Eye ColourPink
ClothingAlways wears somethign stripy, loves crows, has four earrings in her left ear usually, but ears any kind of jewelry that is simple or magic-looking, or anything with faeries.
Accessoriesearrings, black and white striped arm warmers or leg warmers are her favorites.
WeaponryShe mainly uses magic, but she also has a katar which shoots magic beams and what not, which can also be used as a physical weapon.
Outstanding FeaturesHer stripe in her hair and her back markings.

Personality & Background

PersonalityShe's a very caring fur who will care for almost anyone. She understands a lot and is quite patient, but at the same time she can have a short temper with a few things/people who test her patience. Most often she'll help you without much question.
BackgroundShe was stolen away at 12 and tortured by a cult, giving her the marks on her backs and splitting her wings into four, which is a blessing and a curse for her. She grew up and traveled the world, never really finding purpose, however she was never down about it.
Likesfaeries, books, crows, stripes, music, dancing, raves, anything glowy or shiny, magic, designing things, drawing, being cute
Dislikesmean people, emo people (with no 'reason' to be emo), negative people, idiots, copycats, heartless people
LocationNone at the moment.
OccupationShe's an artist, among many things, but doesn't really have a job.
Additional InfoShe's pagan, bi, and extremely friendly.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"pay no attention to the man behind the curtain..."