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Vital Statistics!

Character NameDavid K. Jay
SpeciesLotus Demon
Agebirth was 03/08/1556
Weight420 lb
Summarya Lotus Demon is a part Panther, part Dragon, and part something else that not seen anywhere else, no one knows what it is. David is a loner in less given a Disciple. I say Disciple because he is Master of a few Martial arts and he mixed them up a bit. he is stronger and faster then most. no one knows how strong he really is but we do know he is fast enough to dodge bullets at close range. he is not one who Kills needlessly and never throws the 1st punch. David has abilities much like Marvels Daredevil. he was blinded at 10 months old he lost his eyes and his family at that time. it was a Dragoness who did away with his parents but his eyes were torn out by someone else, some type of Chimera. It was the Dragoness that tought him his 1st style to fight. the other few styles was unknown.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlack Fur
Hair ColourLight Black, not Gray
Eye Colourno eyes
Clothingbaggie white Shirt which the sleeves are to long & blue jeans then sometimes he has a Gray Sages rob on
Weaponrya Staff which can Grow, grow in Length, & shrink to the size of ones hand, claw, and Paw
Outstanding FeaturesNo Eyes

Personality & Background

PersonalityDavid is one who blindly tells the truth to what he thinks the truth is, so there forth he can be an Ass.
BackgroundAdopted by the Dragoness who killed his parents, then after a few years simply traveled.
Likesto read. to think. to travel.
DislikesLoud noises
Occupationa teacher

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteLiving Life is the hardest thing to do, but we all still Try.