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Blackie, a Classy pothead x3

Vital Statistics!

Character NameBlacklight Santino (Blackie for short)
SpeciesDragon (type: ?)
Heightaround 5' 8
SummaryA stoner Dragon with a heart of gold... err... or something like that.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourPurple, to cyan, to white. (white on his chest, down to his inner thighs, and on his fingers. Where the white is, it's outlined by cyan, then after that it's all purple.)
Hair ColourGreen <3
Eye ColourRose pink. He says the world through rose-colored eyes.
ClothingLoves wearing black pants, but hates shirts.
AccessoriesRose colored glasses, just because it makes him look cool.
Weaponryhe rarely fights, he's more of an info man. But when he does he just uses his magic.
Outstanding FeaturesHis horns are odd. x3

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe's very sweet, very calm and very caring. He'll do anything for his friends, and rarely asks for favors back (unless sexual). He is very smart and knows when to talk and when to shut up.
BackgroundHe grew up alone until he was 9, only really knowing friends as family. He got into pot when he was 18, and his friends have been supplying him ever since. He got into the occult scene, however, since he was 9. He stumbled into a tarot shop in the town to escape the police and the lady there stopped him and hid him. She also did a reading for him and he was fascinated ever since. The lady, who was a kind tabby cat, took him in and raised him until he was 19. Then he opened his own occult shop, but he never forgot the tarot lady.
Likespot, dirty magazines, porn, candy, napping in the sun, raves, parties of any kind, dancing, sex, music, guys, girls, occult stuff, underground anything x3
Dislikesbeing alone, having complete silence, anything he dubs as 'evil', police, corruption, lies, deceit, complex machinery
LocationBig city named Hastings.
OccupationRuns an occult shop in a big city, he also sells information to and from dirty cops. When not in his shop, he travels and finds ways to help out his friends.
Additional Info((please note that this character doesn't reflect my own personal habits ^^; ))

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteIt's 4:20 somewhere!


 Edana Wynd