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This is my fav picture of a wolfie ^_^

Vital Statistics!

Character NameDark Hate
SpeciesArtie Wolf
SummaryWell I'm a wolf...a pink wolf. I'm shot, but long. I just love my 6' long tail ^-^ I have some mates...Tye, Hunter, Dan, Mercedes. And the boy I'm in love with. Patrick ^_^ He's my mate to as a furry.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourPink and white with long sliver hair.
Hair ColourBrown on my lip fur to the top of my eye brows...it's light tho so you can't see it that well. Long wishers with pink on the ends of them. And deep pink lips. And long bangs that swept to the side.
Eye ColourDeep gold.
Clothing Short yellow skirt, or long blue jeans. Long blue shirt that shows off my D's. Or a black dress.
AccessoriesWight shoes with gold hearts on them, a gold collier with a gold key on it and the top of it is sharp like a heart so I guess it's like the "key to my heart" and a tongue ring.
WeaponryMy fangs and claws.
Outstanding FeaturesLong Claws, big paws (Footpaws as well)

Personality & Background

PersonalityBitchie, loving (At times) have a BIG heart...I hate it >.< Over all a good person.
BackgroundMom is a bitch, Dad is stupid. My family is my friends ^_^ Like my big brother Kevin...he's so nice. (No other furs in my family) As for my furfamily. Cats, Dogs, Dragons, Wolfies, Foxes, Ferrters, Bunnies, Pups. All of them nice and sweet ^_^ And I lost the love of my life a little time ago...Garry. He was a furry >.< I think that's why I'm a furry now -.-
LikesI love my friends and all my mates. I like to play card games, sing, write poems, work on my sites, bowl and cut.
DislikesMom, Dad, Foxx (Ex-friend of mine) Math and spelling.
LocationLuveles (I just want to put my word somewhere X3)
OccupationEmo in high school (9th)
Additional InfoI love to snuggle people and just be in their arms to feel safe. I hate bugs >.<

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"I miss you a little, I guess you could say a little too much, a little too often and a little more each day" and "A million words would not bring you back, I know because I've tried, neither would a million tears, I know because I've cried"

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