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Vital Statistics!

Character NameSirkelianov
Weight220 lbs.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourGrey/silver fur with a white stripe down the middle of his chest. Tips of part of his fur are white. Darker grey, near black tail.
Hair ColourGrey/silver fur, white stripe down the middle of face.
Eye ColourWhite (or not defined).
ClothingButton-up short sleeved shirt - untucked and shorts. Standard lab coat.
AccessoriesCeltic Cross necklace, bronze/gold Steampunk goggles - darkened lens.
Weaponrywalking staff - Infinity Staff, with the ability to divide by zero. This allows for many strange and unpredictable things to happen. Not harmful to user.
Outstanding FeaturesNone so far, except for the color of his eyes.

Personality & Background

PersonalityStern, stubborn. Has a funny side, but mostly to himself. Optimistic.
BackgroundNone. Mysteriously appeared one day.
LikesAll kinds of fruits, Raw to rare meat, Treasure hunting, Blowing up things, Making chemical concoctions, Cartoons, Fishing.
DislikesVegetables, except for carrots, Bugs, Reptiles, Anything/Anyone preventing him from any of his likes.
LocationLives just outside of town in a house with an adjoining laboratory. Not allowed to live in town because his experiments are too hazardous.
OccupationScientist. Works on his own accord.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Don't ever try to divide by zero. It's impossible. ...things happen."

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