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She loves to smile!

Vital Statistics!

Character NameMaou Scarlet
AgeLooks like a kid. 8-9ish
SummaryLovable and insane natured child of the Scarlet Devil. Looks like a kid with crystal covered wings. Yes I know she came from a game! Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourJust skin and her funny wings.
Hair ColourYellow white. Loose strands that just reach the shoulders though she has longer sideburns.
Eye ColourVivid scarlet. The mark of family and the generic vampire.
ClothingA red and white dress shirt combination which is shown in the picture. She also has a black and white witch like costume which copies someone she admires. The hat never changes though, a frill white hat with a red cloth tied at the brim.
AccessoriesNothing of her own though thanks to Tsuki, she has become known to squirrel away random things.
WeaponryA loopy spear, it is called Lävatein. Better be her friend if she has this to wave around. :P
Outstanding FeaturesHer crystal encrusted wings would certainly stand out. Her claw-like nails maybe. Her habit of smiling. :D

Personality & Background

PersonalityShe is very childlike and random as one too. The fact that she was a shut-in for 495 years makes her only all the more random.
BackgroundShe is the sister of the scarlet devil. After the events that the game produced, she managed to wander to Ground Zero. She made a very good friend and wanted to stay here in spite of her sister's wishes. In the end she stays in Ground Zero under the care of the Head Maid, Sakuya.
LikesHer best friend, Tsuki. The cakes and snacks the maid prepares. The black and white witch she knew once. Having fun!
DislikesBullies. People who wont play. Veggies. The slacker door guard.
LocationScarlet Manor, Ground Zero City, Ground Zero
OccupationSister of the Scarlet Devil. It's the only thing from her world she was known as.
Additional InfoThe Player is Sasaki!

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"It means you cant continue!"