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Vital Statistics!

Character NameKazuma Yamashita
SpeciesRed Fox
SummaryMy name Kazuma yamashita, I am a Red Fox Furry wit hSpikey Blue hair which is my only Unique Feature, im a hawt Red Fox =P I love Video games and Anime, Mostly BLEACH.....actually only BLEACH! but yea if you wanna talk message me =D

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourOrange Fur, With Black half way up the legs and arms. Normal RedFox Looking. Bushy Tail ^^ with white Tip =D
Hair ColourI have Spikey Blue Head Fur ^^
Eye ColourMy eyes are Yello with Golden Tint ^^
ClothingI wear a variety of clothes, Baggy pants, camo, anything Militaryish, sometimes i like to be naked ^____^
AccessoriesSilver and Gold Necklace
WeaponryA Zanpakuto (Soul Slayer) Normal Samurai sword that has 2 stages of Release, a Shikai which is the First Release, and Bankai my 2nd release.
Outstanding FeaturesMy Spikey Blue hair, and i was debating if i have a hole in my left ear....yes a hole ^___^ small hold like a fang size hole

Personality & Background

PersonalityHmmmm.....im very Kinda hearted, Friendly...sometimes a little Toooo Friendly *sniff sniff* and ummm Im a very good Furiend to have =D
BackgroundI live along due to the destruction of my village by hollows, that is when i was saved by a Shinigami and decided to become one myself, I have trained hard...I have obtained a bankai...the highest level to a Zanpakuto that only Captains have obtained.
LikesI like Chocolate Chip Cookies, I like Anime and Swords. If i where to do battle i would do it with a sword ^__^ I also LOVE yiffy pics and such =D
DislikesI hate people who hate on people who like different things, I hate not finding something thats right in front of your muzzle. and i hate waiting long periods of time xD
LocationI live In portland, Oregon USA ^____^ AKA: Soul Society
OccupationI currently work for Soul Society's 13 court guard squad as a Vice Captain...Soon to be captain

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"you know your really adorable when your not killing people"

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