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From a Furiend

Vital Statistics!

Character NameDar'on Evermoon
SpeciesBlue Dragon
Age190 Human Years
Height12 Feet at the shoulder
Weight400 lbs, light for a dragon
SummaryVery caring, and happy. Wants to help each person with any problems they might have, because he loves each person for ho they are individually. He wants everyone to feel special and loved, and is generous and compassionate. Sometimes considers himself to be a Teacher, but is more suited for the role of caring, intelligent friend.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlue, shiny scales reflect light in beautiful patterns.
Hair ColourTwo tan/brown horns curve slightly backwards behind his head. 2 foot long horns.
Eye ColourThe pupil is yellow, the iris is a gleaming yellow.
ClothingNone. Except for a specially made saddle given to him by grateful human friends.
AccessoriesNone. He is just peaceful, fun-loving dragon.
WeaponryClaws, teeth. Tail. Size. Prefers nonviolent resolution to a situation, but will fight for what he believes in nd or loves.
Outstanding FeaturesA lightly muscled frame (for a dragon), long curving tail, but compassionate gaze in his eyes tells you this is not an ordinary dragon.

Personality & Background

PersonalityStrongly seeks to do what is right, seeks to right wrong in the world, seeks to understand himself and everything on deep level, inquisitive, sometimes silly, joyous, carefree, helpful.
BackgroundDavid F shres many qualities and attributes to his fursona, because it is him when he lets himself run free. He currently is working his first job, and is planning on getting an apartment rather soon. :)
LikesGenerousity, kindness, peace, wisdom, love, good friends, kindness to strangers, family, chinese food (even though he isn't a chinese dragon, but is a eastern dragon, he still loves good old chinese food! =D) Loyalty, compassion, and grace.
DislikesRudeness, arrogance, lots of greed (a little is fine), disloyalty, the city, humans who abuse their pets and think they're "dumb animals," road rage, noise, some vegetables. =D)
LocationOregon, USA. Natural Environments preferred.
OccupationWhat he ants to do, not what others want him to do.
Additional Info

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"If you've never loved, life is not worth living. Live your life in love, loving yourself, your friends, your enemies, and yes, even strangers. Every one of them is important to the world. They deserve the best, as do you."

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