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Vital Statistics!

Character NameCait Sith
SpeciesTiger [but has no stripes]
Weight130 lb
SummaryThe Guardian of nature. Cait Sith is one of twelve guardians with the responsibility to maintain the balance of the earth. As such he is blessed with enhanced agility, durability, and strength. He also has the ability to control and manipulate all plant life with in an area to aid him in battle... which he is in a lot, since the city he lives in is almost always under rampage from some random monster of the day macro.[although he always tries to ask politely first before resorting to fighting] Because of this he has gained the reputation of a super hero in the city. He always tries to be helpful to his friends, although he has some issues with things like that since he can be rather blunt at times. There are somethings about himself that he seems to be hiding. Like why he is always wearing a headband and why he has no stripes.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colour white fur on his chest, and muzzle. orange fur everywhere else.
Hair Colourbrown hair
Eye ColourAngelic blue
ClothingRed Cargo pants
Accessoriesa small blue bottomless bag with a yellow star on the center of it, is tied to the waist of his pants, and he always wears a red headband that can not be removed.
Weaponrya two handed mace, which he uses with one hand.
Special Abilitiessuper stength, enhanced agility and endurance, and the abilty to manipulate and control plant life
Outstanding Featureswell he's a tiger with no stripes, that's rather distinguishing don't ya think?

Personality & Background

PersonalityCheerful and upbeat, he's always trying to lighten the mood, which sometimes comes in the form of a bad joke. He can also be rather blunt and unemotional at times, he tries to work on that though. Emotionally distant to everyone cept for a few close friends. [also trying to fix this]
Backgroundhe doesn't talk about his past much unless asked.
LikesSuper Sentai/power rangers, saving the day, protecting those he loves, video games, B movies, Clam Chowder, Hibiscus flowers, Swedish fish, and having a good time with friends.
Dislikessenseless violence, being manipulated, Licorice, being alone, being unable to help, "acceptable losses", unnesasary changes, and Being called kitten, kitty, or cat. [just cause I have no stripes doesn't make me any less of a tiger!]
Locationright now.. macrophile.com
OccupationThe Guardian of Nature [technically unemployed]

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"People die when they get killed" a bad translation.

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