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Vital Statistics!

Character NameEden
SpeciesPlantae Plantae (Plant)
GenderTrue Hermaphrodite.
Height4'10 - 79'
Weight120 - ...Really heavy

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourNo fur or scales, just amphibian-like skin. Green in sunlight, blue in shade or indoors. Lighter in a wide stripe from the lower lip all the way down hir front and along the underside of hir tail. All 'inner flesh' areas (Like just inside eyes, lips, tongue...) Are a purple so dark it's almost black.
Hair ColourCropped messily just short of hir eyes, bright reddish orange.
Eye ColourDark crimson, with vertical/horizontal oriented cross shaped pupils.
ClothingBarefoot. A pair of lavendar slacks riding low, snug around the hips and thighs, and loose around the calves and ankles. Snug dark purple tube top, stopping above hir lowest ribs. White men's button up work shirt, one size too big tho the unbuttoned cuffs drape over her ribs, left open to either sid eof hir ches, and torn off halway up to form a makeshift bolero; showing everything between hir pants and hir ribs in 360 degrees.
WeaponrySee teeth.
Outstanding FeaturesLarge leafy tailspade, extra thumb on the bottom of each hand, hand shaped prehensile feet. Oh, and an additila set of jaws, set just inside th enormal pair. The outer set has massive shark teeth, and the inner one has normal lizardy ones. Tongue over double hir body length. No nostrils or navel.

Personality & Background

Additional InfoIf you have trouble visualizing hir, think of an odd lizard or dragon. Or read this desc, of hir at eighty feet. It looks like someone's been eating their veggies. Or maybe it's that some veggy's been eating hir someones. Regardless, the result is that this delicate blossom has grown to a full height of nearly eighty feet. That's not the only way shi's filled out, either. Hir cyan, amphibian-like frame is built, yet buxom, hir movements imbued with a power and grace that hints at toned muscle beneath the thin cushy layer of fat that fills out hir hips to a sensuous hourglass. Rounding out the upper half of that hourglass is a remarkable pair of breasts, hir melons, if you'll pardon the pun, being at least a DD. A light lavendar tube top barely contains them, though is powerless to stop them jiggling at anything more violent than breathing. Over this, shi wears an unbuttoned, white, too-large men's dress shirt, the body ripped away at the level of hir lowermost ribs to show off hir trim navel-free belly. Low on hir hips rides a pair of dark violet slacks, hugging hir thighs while loose at the ankles, and distinctly snug around the the front. Hir face is very much like that of a small lizard, with a rounded muzzle and smooth skin, though no nostrils are present. Shi's a quick one to smile, so it wouldn't take long for one to notice one of hir most memorable features. Inside hir muzzle is a set of triangular, serrated, shark like teeth, huge even for hir size at a whopping four feet long each. As these slide back into hir muzzle, they expose a more normal set; little sharp, peggy lizard fangs, with scissor-like molars in the back. Lurking behind these is a long, serpent-like tongue, the same colour as hir lips and gums, a purple so dark as to seem black at first glance. Above this unnerving mouth sits a pair of large, alert eyes, cross shaped pupils ringed by blood red irises. A matching shock of firey red hair adorns hir head, messily cropped to ear length, even though shi has not even ear holes to speak of. The rest of hir head is smooth, dark blue skin, just like the rest of hir body, the surface shimmering softly in the light as if always slick. The only breaks in this scaleless, furless flesh is the faded sky blue stripe that runs from hir lower lip to hir tailtip with matching palm and foot pads, and small gold flecks in the corners of hir eyes, and on hir wrists. Perhaps other places too... Hir posture is always straight, stance open and cheerful, hir balance likely helped by the large, heavy tail stretching out behind hir, thick as hir leg at it's base, and a good fifty feet long. Along it's spine runs a series of ridges, growing until they form a long, nine pointed leaf shaped tailspade at the tip, both spines and spade made of a flexible, fleshy, dark green material. A similar substance makes blunt claw like ridges on the backs of hir fingertips, though it's much firmer here. Speaking of fingertips, each hand has but two, though it also has two thumbs, one on each side. Hir feet are nearly identical, complete with prehensile finger-toes, the only difference being thicker, more leathery pads.