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Vital Statistics!

Character NameFreymin
Height5 foot 7
Weight135 pounds
SummaryA grey rat that is not as she seems...

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHer fur is a matt grey, smooth, sleek and unusually dull.
Hair ColourLong, straight charcoal locks trail down her back, settling down at her ankles, trailing gracefully behind her as she moves.
Eye ColourShe has blood red eyes which gaze deep into your being, stirring your very soul. The rat has oddly shaped pupils, slightly resembling rose petals.
ClothingThe rat stands there, wrapped in a luxurious matt black gown. The hem at the bottom looks quite tattered and seems to move of its own accord. The fabric seems quite new although it has no shine or glimmer to it, on the contrary, the dress seems to absorb all light that hits it.
AccessoriesHer right ear is pierced at the tip with two black batwing studs.
WeaponryShe carries a large three-pointed spear, completely black apart from the very tips which are a deep red.
Special AbilitiesGravity defiance, able to create dark portals to other places/worlds.
Outstanding FeaturesAll over her body trails a thornlike tattoo, passing over her right eye. She also has a long tail, which seems to vary in length and slightly oversized fangs perfect for biting into flesh.e tattoo, passing over each eye.

Personality & Background

PersonalityKind and bubbly, sly and seductive, silent and stoic. Depends on her mood.
BackgroundShe was born in a town called Burmecia, a place burdened with perpetual showers. She was an orphan from birth, never meeting her mother. The city was constantly defending the little land they hand left, so anyone in the orphanage was forced to join the army at 14. She quickly took to close combat, weapon of choice being a three pronged spear, unlike a trident, the points going out at 45 degree angles. By the age of sixteen, she was the second highest ranked soldier in her division, her only rival was a second rat by the name of Freya Crescent. They were inseparable, in and out of battle. At that age, they were the mirror image of each other which they exploited in many of their battles. One day, they were chosen to take on a mission to sneak into the enemy city and have one reason with the ruler, while the other lay in wait to assassinate him if things looked dire. They were to sneak through the forest and enter the kingdom through the sewers. Not wasting time, they embarked on their quest as quickly as possible. As they entered the forest, they both felt an odd presence in the air. They cautiously made their way through the forest until suddenly a tree fell, catching Freya off guard and landing on her leg. Freymin tried as hard as she could to shift it but to no avail. Freya told her to carry on with the mission and come back for her later. Freymin argued but reluctantly accepted that it was the best course of action. As she reached the edge of the forest a mysterious force knocked the wind out of her, she doubled over onto the grass, panting. Her silvery hair started to turn a deep black as she slowly rose to her feet. As she looked down she noticed a black rose, growing right in the middle of the mostly open forest floor, with a speck of blood on its thorn. As she reached to touch it the rose flew at her, the stem literally sinking into her skin, leaving a black vine shaped mark where it had been. It travelled all over her body, eventually flying into her hazel eyes. As it made contact with her pupil, she felt a warm shiver down her body. She examined the marks on her arms and body; the vine marking was pigmented into her fur like some sort of exotic birthmark. She looked at her spear, laying down next to where she had landed. The spear flew towards her, the rat catching it with ease. "How unusual." she said to herself, before realizing what had happened. She ran back towards where the tree had fell, the only thought in her mind being to save her friend. As soon as she saw the fallen tree, she used all her spirit, willing it slowly into the air, before flinging it a good fifty feet elsewhere. She knelt down next to the silent Freya and checked her pulse. "Oh thank god!" she exclaimed, as the scooped the unconscious rat onto her back and instinctively leapt up into the air towards the city. It took her a good few minutes to realise the fact that she was flying through the sky. But she had other things to worry about. She lay Freya at the city's out skirts before flying as fas as she could over the city wall and straight through the palace window. Now, a verbal exchange was said here which basically amounted to "Stop this war you you die." except in a much more, unkind manner. After a lot of shouting, Freymin finally snapped and launched the palace into the sea with her gravity manipulation. She then camly retrieved her friend and headed back towards town. On the way back, she felt something stirring inside her head. Something conscious, aware, alive. When she returned to the village, she decided that for the safety of everyone she should leave just in case she had some less friendly powers coming her way. She left a letter to Freya, explaing what happened, why she left and that she'd come back for her, the girl she secretly suspected to be her sister. For the next year of so, Freymin wandered around from town to town, looking for someone with experience in the supernatural. On her travels, she met a couple of girls who were also outcasts in thir own ways. Noir, a black dragoness, ex-male due to an unknown spell and going through a quite unique case of evolution. And Twelve, a rabbit bred with the idea of creating an infinite army. Together they traveled, searching for answers to the questions life threw at them. [They also enjoyed various nights together but that's another story.] They found their to a cliffside casino town called Treno. As soon as they entered through the gate, a beautiful faedragon caught her eye, going by the name of Lyndane. She was smitten after her first glance. The next few weeks solely consisted of the rat conversing with her, the two gradually becoming friends. After a while, she decided that she trusted her enough to tell her about the spirit inside her. Big mistake. As soon as she heard the story, she wanted nothing to do with the heartbroken rat. Freymin begged and pleaded that she was a good person but Lyn was having none of it. After day upon on day of arguing, Freymin asked what she could do to prove she was not evil. "The only way I will ever trust you is if you get that demon out of you!" Lyndane shouted and flew off. Freymin spent the following day, thinking. Thinking of the ultimate cleanser, which removes everything. She had Twelve, a self confessed bookworm, to find what she could about arcane spells. She instructed Noir to do anything she could to get Lyndane out to the cliffs the following day. The next morning, the two dragons arrived at the cliffs, Noir stepping back toy give them some privacy. Freymin was sitting on the edge of the cliffs, looking down at the crashing waves and jagged rocks below. "So, you want this spirit out of me?" she asks, rising to her feet and turning to face her. "Whatcha gonna do, get an exorcism?" Lyn mocked harshly. Freymin smiled weakly. "No, I'm washing away my sins, my soul, my everything." she replied, slowly falling back off the cliffs, falling rapidly into the water, before being dashed into the cliff face. "Are you trying to impress me!?" Lyndane shouted over the cliff, her voice echoing slightly. "You're a demon! You don't die that easily! Try harder next time!!" Lyndane flapped her wings, taking off back towards town. Noir dives into the water, as planned beforehand, smashing the rocks and recovering her limp body, which had returned to its original silvery haired state, and laying her on the cliff where Twelve was now waiting. The rabbit pulled on her own ear as hard as she could, eventually pulling a perfect copy of herself into this world. She opens the book she had found in the library, before instructing her clone to lay down next to Freymin. She then utters a solitary verse in Latin. Both her clone and the rat's body begin to faintly glow. She utters a second sentence and the rabbit's body disappears in a flash of blood. Moments later Freymin body begins to stir. Freymin looks herself over, her body scarred from the rocks below. "Well, here goes..." Freymin licks a wound on her arm, which in moments miraculously heals. "DAMNIT!" she yells, scattering the seagulls in the nearby trees. She floats onto her feet, her vine markings slowly reappearing, spreading more than ever. She storms towards town and knocks on Lyndane's door. As it swings open, she hears. "Oh, it's you. I knew you couldn't die, demo-" Freymin immediately punched her square in the jaw. "Eat shit and die you stuck up bitch!" she screams, before storming out of the town, Twelve and Noir hot on her heels. [Note: That last part was the spirit inside of her in full control. Doesn't happen often, thankfully.]
LikesRandom stuff, music, art, dragons, demons, kindness and blood.
DislikesForceful people, ignorant people, unforgiving people.
OccupationB-movie demon
Additional Info

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteI am government man, come from the government. The government has sent me. -Gir