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The wings are a little wrong, and I can't find a full ref that fits yet. Let me know if you need a more detailed ref.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameMasakuni Sakurai
SpeciesWestern Dragon
SummaryA small, sweet, friendly, playful, light blue dragon child. He lives with his mother, a loving pink dragoness named Kaori. His father, [name coming soon], had been corrupted by a disease before he hatched, thus [] had turned to the dark side and hasn't been seen since. So he doesn't really know his own father. Masakuni has since met another dragon (named Razor), which led to his mother meeting his father (Chazor). Thus, he now has an older (though only by a few days) stepbrother (not by and stepfather, however, he likes to refer to them both as "big bwo" and "dad", respectively. They all now reside in a cave somewhere in a volcanic area. Life is usually peaceful there, though sometimes they can get in the occasional predicament every now and then. He is a very playful, cheerful, and innocent little dragon. He has an adorable and innocent appearance too, which matches his personality. He likes to make friends, and likes to play little games and with children's toys as well. He likes hugs and being cuddled, especially when someone much bigger than him huggles and cuddles him. He also likes stories; he likes to read them, but also likes to be told one, too. Also, he's bright too. In retrospect, Masakuni's pretty much just like a nice small child.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourLight blue scales; a white belly with little "lines" going across it, going down all the way to the bottom of his tail; Purple wings with blue "supports"; Purple back spikes going down all the way to his tail.
Eye ColourBlue eyes
WeaponryNone, but knows very basic magic.
Outstanding FeaturesSmall, though it's normal for a kid dragon.

Personality & Background

PersonalityNice, friendly, playful, energetic.
BackgroundComes from a good family of dragons, his ancestry traces back to those who have done good deeds. Pretty much a normal-laid back life so far, but who knows what the future has in store for him?
LikesBeing with friends, playing games, children's toys, plush toys, having fun, hugs, cuddles, steak, ice cream, drawing, sleeping
DislikesBeing hurt, having something snatched from him, being called an insulting name
LocationA cave at a volcano (location unknown)
OccupationHe's only a kid. >>
Additional InfoHe has a few weaknesses. He's very ticklish on the tail and talons, and he'll immediately relax to a belly rub.

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