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Vital Statistics!

Character NameAiden
Height6' - 5'2"
Weight190lbs. - 120lbs.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colourauburn and light grey w/ aussie shepard and clouded leopard spots
Hair Colourdark aurburn/brown
Eye Colourstorm grey w/ green
Clothingskater type clothes, and redneck
Accessoriesbeanies, caps, choke collars, arm warmers
Special Abilitiesdairy causes a gender switch from male to female. Some time must pass till the effects can be reversed. Generaly takes several hours to a day.
Outstanding Featuresfem version has a cherry blossom tattoo on her stomach, has two tails

Personality & Background

Personalityfun loving and caring, goofy at times, loves to flirt.
BackgroundOnly looks twenty, true age comes in at about fifteen years old. Was created by a skilled witch named Rosemirth for a movie star. Aiden was ment to be her love slave, however she hadn't counted on free will to come into play. She returned Aiden to Rosemirth, who took him in as her own. Rosemirth sent Aiden to Middle and High School were he had several bad experiences with other males. This pushed Aiden's fem to be more of a bi-sexual though there are males who perk her intrest. Aiden's personality is the same through out, for both male and fem, but they are essentially two seperate beings. When one is active the other is in a dream state, which is why they always have a lazy expression.
LikesMost dairy products, rock music and video games
Dislikesfights and thongs
OccupationSootheVocal manager

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