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June 4, 2020, 02:52:46 PM
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Peppy in her anthro form

Vital Statistics!

Character NamePeppy a.k.a. Peppermint Leatherwing

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourPurple scales, orange triangular spikes/plates down the middle of her back starting just under her neck and going down her tail and wide yellow wings
Hair Colournone
Eye Colourgreen
Clothingoften nothing at all or green shorts and a red tee with "DRAGON" written across it
AccessoriesPeppy will wear a heart necklace on a chain that also has two rings a blue stone class ring and a dragon ring, she also has a hair scrunchy on the end of her tail at the top of her heart shaped tail tip that is purple but lighter than her purple
Weaponryfire breath which she won't use unless tickled,threatened or sneezes
Special Abilitiesgrowth, ability to create plushes, having a soft plush body Also smells and taste of peppermint
Outstanding Featuresis sexy dragonness

Personality & Background

Personalitya sexy perky dragonness who can be very yiffy, but she is also warm, friendly warm, soft, caring. She also enjoys being fat heehee
BackgroundPeppy is plushy most of the time but can turn into a sexy anthro dragoness,or a large non-anthro dragoness, she also has plush magic she can create plushies or be anything for her partner
LikesIce-skating,plushes and yiff, getting huge as possible sometimes, also huggling, cuddling or being non-yiffy
Dislikeshaving to use her fire, meanies, leveling planets,or city's unless she's in the mood
Locationbeside her pet Bucky as much as possible
OccupationYiff, making others feel good especially her pet Bucky
Additional InfoPeppy is a dragoness who is super sexy, nice and warm

Just for Fun

Favourite Quotesnuggle?