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Vital Statistics!

Character NameAlexis Romansburg Kennedy
SpeciesWolf/Kitsune hybrid
GenderMale (Bi)
SummaryOne morning you wake up and step out of your house. Just outside, a two tailed fox is looking at a road map, a backpack all packed for traveling next to him. He looked at the map for a sec, then smiled at you before looking back down at his map.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourAlexis inherited his father's white fur and wolf body. His fur is white all over.
Hair ColourHe got long silver hairs that go down to his shoulder. Probably because he don't stop to get them cut often.
Eye ColourThis fella has an unusual eye color: His left eye is golden and his right eye is a bright purple.
ClothingAny clothes he has in his backpack. He isn't picky and need not to be because he's traveling.
AccessoriesHe got his backpack that he carries with him all the time. A very unusual backpack though. It is not that big, about half the size of a regular sized travel backpack. Though the inside has no end! He can fit anything he needs in his backpack, as long as it can get in. Despite this special characteristic, Alexis tries not to put too much things.
WeaponryAlexis uses a Mauser C96 pistol with an extended magazine which can hold 12 bullets. He inherited it from his grandfather (His real one.)
Special AbilitiesAlexis is no magician or anything but, in his travels, he learned a trick or two. He knows a bit about lock picking, first aid and "shamanic medicine" (he knows the effect of plants and can do simple medicines). He also knows how to get around the world and has an excellent orientation sense. To help a bit, he is a good bargainer and can manage to have many things by talking. There are some more tricks of course but those are the ones that I think of.
Outstanding FeaturesFor an unknown reason, he has a weird eyecolor. Doctors looked at his eyes and did exams but they revealed nothing. When he passes in a town, he always goes to the doctor in hope of knowing.

Personality & Background

PersonalityAlexis isn't the type of guy to be in a hurry, being a traveler, he goes where he want to go and where his travels take him to. although he is very determined and nothing will take him off his track.
BackgroundAlexis has always lived in a very rich family. He studied a very prestigious elemantary school for a year... before being kidnapped... He don't remember this moment very well... but the kidnappers abandoned him to an old man living in the forest, there he learned the ways of the forest along with his "brother" to who he hold very dearly. Even though he has been found years later, he never saw his real parents, preferring the life he was living by travelling along with his brother for who he'd risk his life for.
LocationEarth. We can never know exactly where he is and where he'll be since he don't have a cell phone, a GPS or anything.
OccupationAlong with his brother, Alexis is a traveler, going around the country by old time ways, which often means by foot and seldom doing some way by train. He does his best to avoid large roads when he is in countries like the US and roams anywhere when in countries like Siberia. His adoptive father told him of tales of heroes searching for treasures in ruins and dungeons full of traps and mechanisms. He and his brother were always fascinated by those stories and they decided to do the same... and they are surprisingly successful!

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote«So left or right, which one to choose... Yeah, I