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Vital Statistics!

Character NameJuly Nix
Height25-40 feet
SummaryGiant anorexic husky girl who was drug through a cyberdog shop by her tail.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourPredominantly black with splashes of white along her chest, belly and the inside of her limbs. A little white diamond shape just above her eyes.
Hair ColourNeon green that hangs just past eye-level.
Eye ColourIce blue.
ClothingA pink belly vest, Black shirt, knee length with navy blue trim, White arm/leg warmers with a black Matrix code pattern on them, Black mid-shin boots covered in buckles, straps and bits of metal.
AccessoriesModified cogs serving as wristbands, Studded belt hanging lose about waist, Black and white neckerchief hanging over her chest, Small pouch near her back holding a canine Gas-mask, Chrome, cup style goggles over her eyes or on forehead. Tinted red lenses.
Special AbilitiesShape shifting, Not wanting to eat for days on end.
Outstanding FeaturesHorribly thin; not cute at all, breasts reduced to B cups because of this.

Personality & Background

PersonalityShe strives to be cute and spontaneous at every opportunity, she has a good heart and means well but can get over exited very easily. This normally leads to trouble thanks to her size. A firm believer in karma she is known for random acts of kindness, she only wants to help.
BackgroundOriginally from Scotland the husky was raised by a decent enough family in a decent enough town. Everything was nice and calm. She did not like calm one bit... When she hit sixteen she set off to explore the world. Already having met some strange types whos powers of shape shifting rubbed off on her some.
LikesMusic, Dancing, Vodka, Russian hats, Violins, Explosions, Video games.
DislikesFinding littles in her boots. (That she did not put there herself.) Claws on chalkboard. Water, Mean people.
LocationHere, there EVERYWHERE.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Then they told me I should take up playing the drums!"

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