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November 24, 2020, 12:39:49 PM
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Vital Statistics!

Character NameToranirov
SpeciesShifter (Hippo, Dragippo, Badger, Badgeroo, Roo, Dragon)
GenderMale, Male-herm
HeightVarying among forms
WeightVarying among forms

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourVarying among forms
Hair ColourVarying among forms
Eye ColourVarying among forms
AccessoriesDs Lite, a gamepad, and a Wii Remote
WeaponryHis/hiz fat bod!
Special AbilitiesVarying among forms

Personality & Background

PersonalitySilent, easy-going, sarcastic, mean spirited(when people get on my bad side, that is), blank, usually hungry and snuggly.
LikesIce (Cold and refreshing), Classic gaming, MMORPGs (Gotta love them grindfests and random events that happen every now and then), Wallabies, Guinea pigs, Pachyderms, Slowking, Walrein ,Those he considers his friends, Angry German Kid remixes (yeah, I find them funny, what's it to you?), Youtube Poops, Happy Tree Friends
DislikesFire, Stupid people, Snobs, People and furs who consider themselves superior to others, Charizard (Since some furries and many other people as far as I am concerned go on thinking it's the hottest thing since EVER, that and they have all over hyped the fire lizard, overvaluing it most of the time, but that's just my opinion.), Most TV these days (What's the point of it, if there is hardly ANYTHING ever good on?), Waking up early, Having to wear fancy clothes, Goose chases, Those who make excuses for everything
LocationArctic Wasteland
OccupationStudent, big time gamer
Additional InfoFixed up this profile a bit since I figured it could use a bit of a clean and sort. My views on the following things : Slob furs : Okay, I think in the past I have mentioned here that I dislike slob furs, while that might be true, I do have a little, if not a lot of tolerance to this. Drooling, and food crumbs I could care less, but the odors, the tainted pants and and pissed on undies, however are something I could do without.

Just for Fun

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