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Chibi Sery and her scythe

Vital Statistics!

Character NameSerena Rennahan
SpeciesCattagon (Feline / Dragon hybrid)
GenderFemale or herm
HeightAnywhere from 3" to 50
WeightVaries with height

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourShe has a mix of fur and scales, and it's easy to tell the difference. Her body is colourized like a snow leopard, a base colour with spots and rings. Her base colour is a very dark pink shade, and the rings are black, the rings are actually her scales as no fur grows over them. Her crotch, waist, and rear are actually a mix of both though, so it's black and pink, as her scales protect these parts.
Hair ColourHer hair is a very dark purple, much like a plum. It's very long, down to her waist almost, and she usually does it up in many different ways.
Eye ColourHer eyes have different colours as well, changing with her mood sometimes, but the primary colour is a soft grey.
ClothingShe wears almost anything, from punkish tight pants and short skirts, to Victorian style dresses and corsets. Her primary underwear, when she's not going commando tends to be diapers, but she is known to wear panties, thongs, and other things as well.
AccessoriesShe will sometimes wear earrings, and she also has various piercings on her body: ears, nipples, eyebrows, tongue, nose, bellybutton, her shoulders, and even her back. She will sometimes carry a large bag to keep things with her, spare clothes, diapers, money, food, etc etc etc.
WeaponryShe primarily uses a scythe for close-combat, but long range she uses a variety of magic and firearms, prefering to use her 12-gauge double-barreled Remington. S-Mart's top of the line. It's her favourite gun to use, honestly.
Special AbilitiesShe can shapeshift to multiple forms, other species, and even objects. She can also morph others with this ability. She can shift her size anywhere from three inches to a good fifty feet.
Outstanding FeaturesHer wings, as she has a wingspan of about twenty feet when she's around six feet tall, the wingspan changes proportionally with her size. She will sometimes reveal her horns, which curve back along her head, then down her back, much like Ifrit's horns are depicted in Final Fantasy VII.

Personality & Background

PersonalityShe's usually a carefree, kind individual, sometimes very motherly, sometimes very dominant. Though, her mood has been known to change on the fly, and when she's mad, it's best to run away.
BackgroundShe has a younger sister and an older brother, both are nothing like her, her brother a cabbit, and her sister a full dragon. Her sister lives with her, while her brother tends to live in the wild.
LikesShe likes a lot of things, and a lot of people, she mostly just doesn't like needles really, very afraid of them.
DislikesNeedles. She hates needles.
OccupationSound Tech
Additional InfoBlah blah blah. I like diapers and my girlfriend.

Just for Fun

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