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Incomplete but closest I can get.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameChiger
SpeciesCheetah-tiger-human hybrid
Agelooks to be 19 but true age is much older
SummaryHe stands there looking at you as you examine him. He appears to be a 5 foot tall mix of two large cats and a human, meshed together in some way. He has fur, but only on his tail and ears, his tail being exceedingly fluffy and thick with it. His eyebrows have whiskers on them, 3 per eyebrow, and his face has 3 stripes on it per cheek. He has a muzzle, a somewhat midway point between a big cat and human, with curious green eyes full of yellow streaks. Further along his body, you see a toned but not too muscley lithe body, with smooth skin and no hair or fur where one would expect such. His nipples catch your eye first, he has 8 of them and they decend down his chest and belly. None of them seem to get smaller as the final set rests just above his groin and below his final set of abs. Below that, you look behind him and see waving in the air a tail which is a foot longer than he is tall, comprised of an insane ammount of fluff and completely covered with spots and stripes. As your eyes return to his front, you see black pants concealing his legs and his sex. Something seems strange about his sex as you try to view it through ihs pants, and you can't quite figure out what it is. This is when you begin to realize the vanilla smell that has been invading your nostrils has been coming from him. It is sweet and aromatic in quality, suttle but getting stronger closer to his groin.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourSkin, color is golden orange, getting pale white on his belly, sensitive areas, and under the tail.
Hair Colourash-blonde to white
Eye ColourEmerald green with yellow streaks throughout.
ClothingBlack pants only most of the time.
AccessoriesMy shineys...you can see them but ya gotta ask.
Special Abilities~zap~
Outstanding Features6 foot long tail, 8 nipples. Smells like vanilla.

Personality & Background

PersonalityI shant give away such secrets.
LikesBig women, Strong women, herms, being loved on, controled in a loving manner, forced to expeirence pleasure, people who aren't sexist, christians, kindness, verbose posts, various other things you have to inqure about
DislikesSexism, racism, hateful people, being ignored, being ganged up upon, lasagnia
LocationOregon. MY FOREST!!
Additional InfoI churf at you. So there.

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteDo not judge by outward appearances, you may not like the beast within. -Keith Schneider

Stay in Contact

AIMChigeroth ~ask for other clients~