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Vital Statistics!

Character NameBartonStroud
SpeciesAmerican Buffalo
Height6 ft 6 in
Weight265 lbs
SummaryBarton Stroud is an imposing fellow. One glance at the big buffalo tells you that this is a beast familiar with physical toil, from the broad, powerful shoulders to the well-built arms to the large and callused hands. Everything about him speaks of carefully measured power. Though easy to write off as a dimwitted brute, Barton possesses a surprisingly sharp mind, and his brawny exterior conceals the soul of a gentle giant, one with boundless compassion and friendliness. Yes, Barton Stroud may indeed be an imposing fellow, but remember: looks can be deceiving.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBarton's short, course fur is a rich chestnut brown over most of his frame, darkening to a mocha on his face and neck and lightening slightly across his shoulders and down his chest and belly.
Hair ColourThe buffalo's short, curly mane is considerably darker then the rest of his fur, a deep, rich brown-black.
Eye ColourHis big, liquid eyes are a deep forest brown.
ClothingDefinitely not the fashion plate, Barton is most commonly found wearing a simple, functional workshirt or undershirt and a pair of tight, faded jeans. It isn't uncommon for his belt to sport a sizable buckle, and when the buffalo opts to wear shoes, he relies on an old, scuffed pair of brown work boots.
AccessoriesIt isn't uncommon for the buffalo to sport a faded, well worn pair of light leather fingerless work gloves, heavily patched and mended from years of heavy use. Otherwise, Barton is usually found unadorned with accessories.
Special AbilitiesUnless you count an encyclopedic knowledge of livestock ailments and animal husbandry tidbits, Barton doesn't have much in the way of special abilities.
Outstanding FeaturesThe buffalo's short, curving horns are an unusual rich cream color. Barton's broad pink tongue has been known to loll from the corner of his mouth when he gets excited or happy. He's been told he smells of a mix of good earth, smoke, hay, and subtle cologne.

Personality & Background

PersonalityBarton is an easygoing, laid back individual that rarely lets the weight of the world affect him. The very definition of a gentle giant, Barton has been well aware of his size for a long time, and though his form may be imposing, he exhibits great kindness and compassion. Though he may at times come off as clueless, the buffalo possesses a sharp mind, and his simple wit can be quite disarming.
LikesBarton likes the simple pleasures in life. Good food, a cold beer, dancing to good music, working with his hands, or just simply sitting on the back porch and contemplating the mysteries of it all. It doesn't take much to please him.
DislikesThe only time anyone's seen Barton blow up and turn his powerful form towards violence was in the defense of those that couldn't defend themselves. If you want to save your hide, don't let this buffalo know you've been hitting your woman or kid.
LocationBarton owns and works a sizable ranch in the panhandle of Oklahoma, though he often travels the country on the rodeo circuit, personally seeing to the care and handling of his prize-winning bronco bulls.
OccupationBarton has been a full-time rancher since he inherited his farm, the fifth Stroud to work that land. He plans on upholding the tradition.