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This is a sculpture done by me

Vital Statistics!

Character NameSlate Halek
AgeImmortal but not invincible (several hundred years
Height500ft (in macro form)
Weight645 tons (in macro form)
SummaryThe black sheep of his clan, rogue agent, and new found demigod/demon.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourJet black scales with a greyish black underbelly, when in demon form, his scales are all white, when in demi-god form, his scales are black with a white underbelly.
Hair ColourSeveral ash colored spines on the back of the head (sort of like that of a porcupine)
Eye ColourCrimson red with golden pupils, soulless black without pupils when in demon form, full of life and white when in demi-god form
ClothingTechnologically advanced, close fitting plate armor, angelic armor when in demi-god form, when not wearing armor, Slate usually wears loose fitting pants with or without a shirt
AccessoriesAlways wears a necklace with the insignia of his former squad.
WeaponryOne long sword, two concealed wrist blades, one concealed tail blade (when tail is armored) and one leg holstered pistol, in a way, his armor can also be considered a weapon One long sword that glows with a bright radiance of light when in demi-god form
Special AbilitiesAble to nullify all use of magic within his immediate vicinity, (when armored) able to cloak, (when armored) able to move at incredible speeds for short distances in the blink of an eye, extremely proficient at close quarters and hand to hand combat *Armor can also change size with Slate. Like most other dragons, he can fly and breath fire Size shifting (anywhere in between 5' 7" and 500ft) When in demi-god or demon form, he can teleport anywhere he can see *demon form only* can make a shadow duplicate of anything and then control it
Outstanding FeaturesEyes glow frost white when nullifying magic and when in demi-god form, two snow white bands of scales on each arm (one for each arm, normal form only), white runic symbols tattooed under his eyes

Personality & Background

PersonalityUntil recently Slate would rampage for the fun of it. Now Slate is helping to rebuild that which he destroyed. Slate has always been loyal to his friends and allies. He also has a few self confidence issues, making him constantly try and prove himself.
BackgroundThe black sheep of the Halek clan (the color of his scales is mere coincidence). Evan after joining the Stealth Squadron, his father said to him "Stealth is for cowards, and only true warriors fight head on." Several years later he deserted, becoming a rogue agent. Several years after deserting, he heard that the research branch of his former employers where developing a highly experimental, technologicaly advanced suit of plate armor. He stole this for himself, figuring out what it is capable of. From that point on, he has honed his combat skills, and lived a nomadic life of a Rogue Agent, never staying anywhere for very long. Fulfilling a prophecy, Slate can change into either the God of Light, or the Demon of Darkness, however this was only after the fight between them was fought and one by the dominant half. It was only after this, that the Halek clan welcomed him back as one of their own.
LikesUntil recently, Slate rampaged for fun, and ate micros (when compared to his size). Now Slate doesn't do either, unless it's to protect his friends and allies. However, old habits die hard, and rampaging is a good way to vent anger.
DislikesUnfriendly threats to his existence.
LocationWandering from here to there
OccupationSecretly a Rogue/ freelance agent

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteVeni Vedi Vicci