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Vital Statistics!

Character NameBuck
SpeciesRed deer, Reindeer, hybread
Weight197 lbs
SummaryBuck is a hard working stag. He is a bit underspoken and shy when you first meet him but once you get to know him a bit better he lightens up and will spark a conversation just because he is bored. He is a bit secritive about his past, and about the scars marking his torso.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHis fur is a creamy milk cocolate brown over his body, lightening up to a sno white around the unders of his arms, inner legs, and abbs. His nose is a deep jet black.
Eye ColourHis eyes are an ice blue, as if water looks once it has been frozen to a clear with only a few cracks running through.
ClothingBuck wears an extreamly tight underamror shirt that is stressed over his muscels, that ripple his chest all the time, although he changes them daily, he only has them in black. His pants are held to his hips by a thick leather belt, the belt dosent do much as his pants hang loose barly clinging onto his defined hips.
AccessoriesWears a pair of dog tags that hide within his thick neck fur along with a matalic looking purple, takking a soft luster like saphire but also the hard refletave look like ople. He also has pair of white and black gloves in his back pocket that have complex symbols sewn into them.
Special AbilitiesBuck is an alchamist (Yes like FMA ((Full Metal Alchamist)) if you want to be picky) He can use the elements in almost every thing to break them down and then rebuild them into what ever he likes. He has no need to draw a alchemic symbol, bacause the bone in his paws have had a number of symbols carved into them a long time ago. The gloves he has also have alchemic symbols sewn into them.
Outstanding FeaturesFor being so small his body is well built and he takes pride in his body, and his antlers even if they arn't so great. Colour blind in his right eye.

Personality & Background

PersonalityCalm and relaxed. Normaly cool with any insults others attack him with, because quite frankly he could care less of what others think of him. He offten loses himself in though.
BackgroundBuck dont like talking about his past or where his scars came from....
LikesBuck likes to be scritched and nuzzled, but will discreatly move away if he don't feel like any contact. Also he likes to dance and entertain others with his dancing or just a game.
DislikesBuck will avoid being groaped openly and will often glare or quickly get away from the offender. He gets mad when he sees others picking on those around them, and will offten step in and defend them. He gets uncomfertroble when someone he don't know well scritches, nuzzles, or snuggles him.
OccupationBuck is a cheif in a mid class resturant, he manages a crew of fifteen and is lucky enough the whole crew gets along and have a unique friendship that not only is present at work but off duty too. He is more then happy to cook for anyone as long as they give him time to get the plate out for them
Additional InfoNormaly chats at http://gogloom.com/client2/index2?mainCHAT=1&network=Furnet&channel=%23horseyiff

Just for Fun

Favourite QuoteDon't belittle others. It only shows you have to put others below you to feel better about yourself.

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