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Vital Statistics!

Character NameSionnach (FoxUnlimited)
Weight200 lbs
SummarySionnach is a large red fox, born and raised in the mountains and brought up on farms and in the woods. He does as he's told and is good at physical labor, as well as handy with a wrench. He will not instigate a fight but will fight tooth and nail if he needs to, making him a terrible force to be dealt with if the protection of a friend is involved. Life is simple for him, and he often prefers the seclusion of deep forests and high mountains, but is quite socialble when company is around.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourRed fur that is thick and soft.
Hair ColourNo hair, only fur.
Eye ColourDeep emerald green.
ClothingFaded blue jeans and a light red and white button up shirt, tucked in and secured with a belt and gold buckle. Size 15, light brown cowboy boots clad his feet, and a John Deere cap sits between his vulpine ears.
AccessoriesSionnachs one prized possesstion is his truck, a large and hellish looking Ford known as 'Big Red'.
WeaponryBelted to his waist is a 6" Buck knife, kept razor sharp, while strapped to his ankle is a .44 that doesn't see much action, but always at arms reach is his double barrel 10 gauge Winchester, used as a tool as much as a weapon.
Special AbilitiesHis life of work has gained him abilities such as being able to repair almost anything he puts his hands on, and life in the wilderness has made his firearm abilities rather advanced.
Outstanding FeaturesVarious marks and scars from time spent in the wilderness on his own, as well a a notch or two in his ears.

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