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They goggles, they glooow -Art by Haemesh

Vital Statistics!

Character NameMad Russian
SpeciesHuman (Supposedly)
SummarySupreme Marshall of the Commonwealth, Psychotic and crazy but friendly though never in public, he has an image to uphold

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourUnkown, never seen without his trenchcoat or armour
Hair ColourUnkown, if any...
Eye ColourGlowng Orange/Red goggles
ClothingFull body power armour hidden underneith an floor length light tan or grey/white trenchcoat, armoured gauntlets with red stars on each fist. Tan coloured Fur cap with Red star surrounded by a golden laurel reef. Black steel re-inforced army boots. Black/Dark Grey respirator mask with goggles
Accessorieshis Acessorie belt, medals, numerous Vodka flasks, large harness belt diagnoally from left to reight connecting to his belt.
WeaponryWhat ever is handy, usualy duel Burst firing .50Cal handguns, Assault-rifle with 30mm grenade launcher, various RPG's, rockets and Machineguns, Axes, machette's, grenades of varying types and a spoon
Special AbilitiesCan call upon his Horde of Conscripts and military hardware to assist him Immentse tolernace of bad smells and alcohol Can call upon bad humour and uns to kill sombody

Personality & Background

PersonalityGenrally a freindly dictator, loves to socialise and joke but gets srious when sombody spills is drink..thats not on
LikesVodka, Weapons, Vodka, Communism, Vikings & Pirates, Vodka, freidnly people, Trying to overthrow society, did i mention Vodka?
DislikesFacists, cheesecake, cheap chocolate, small unpronoucible countrys, Dik-schun-hairys, his Neighbours
LocationSomwhere in his Underground Military complex or the pub
OccupationMad Russian and a drinker. He's not an alcoholic as he has no problem with drinking at all