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Such power...and such arrogance. (Credit to ArgusWulfe.)

Vital Statistics!

Character NameDannik
AgeDoes not remember; never counted.
Height235 feet, 9 inches.
WeightOver 400,000 pounds
SummaryMythical beasts aren't uncommon these days...but gryphons are rare nonetheless among them. One has recently found his way to BigFurs, and is quite comfortable here. A kind, if a little domineering, gryphon is he. And the picture is bluescale; that DOES NOT mean he is blue!!

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourDannik's fur is cream-colored, starting from his sternum down the rest of his body. From his sternum up, however, Dannik is covered in elegant white feathers.
Hair ColourBlond-ish?
Eye ColourA deep, almost impenetrable brown that can see for miles on end. That's the eagle part of him.
ClothingAll Dannik is dressed in is a single white toga, cut off at the lower thighs.
AccessoriesDannik likes to wear a pair of silver rings on the second toe of each footpaw. The first is more Celtic in design, the second being a simple band with three Mandarin characters engraved into it.
WeaponryHis feet and hand-talons -which he will not hesitate to use; the ability to breathe fire upon an enemy.
Outstanding FeaturesA pair of gigantic wings sprout from his back. What? A gryphon's got to fly, you know.

Personality & Background

PersonalityA quiet and relatively sensible being, but being a gryphon he's a little proud. This is visible to the point where he can be somewhat easily offended. After that, you'd better hope he's feeling merciful...many have become little more than stains on his paw after insulting him directly. However, around those he holds respect for, he really is a nice kind of guy. Best put, he's a gentle-yet-commanding person to be around.
BackgroundConcerning his Age...he never kept track of such things. He does remember fondly a silly little knight named Arthur. He muttered something about a grill...or was it called a grell? It was some silly cup, though he hardly think a cup to be significant.
LikesFLIGHT, above all else. All else includes: Little ones at his paws, relaxing, stomping, tormenting said littles on occasion.
DislikesHaving his fun interrupted. being insulted
LocationUsually soaring discretely over you
OccupationWould you really expect a gryphon like him to have a job?
Additional InfoDannik is a bit of a craftsman by hobby, and some of his skills play to his abilities. He does glasswork, on the account of his flame breath, he enjoys carving and sculpture, and he especially loves music. He also knows several languages with familiarity.