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Vital Statistics!

Character Name(Prince) Simon Damas
SpeciesBengale Tiger (Vampire)
GenderMale (Bi)
AgeSeemingly 25...
Weight150 (all muscle)
Summary(Prince) Simon de Damas de Peyre du Plessi de Tiberius is his true and full name. Though he is only called like that in very rare events gathering people like him...

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHis fur is mostly white with thin stripes of black. It also seems cold most of the time...
Hair ColourHe has silver hairs that are mid length. Even though he never uses gel or comb them back, they always look neat.
Eye ColourHe has sweet silver eyes that clearly shows his credo to take things easy... even though they switch red on some situations.
ClothingHe always dress neat. A dress shirt or a suit and tie is his usual. The way he wears it vary often, according to his mood and to the situation.
AccessoriesA silver ring with a ruby that he wears on the left hand's ring finger.
WeaponryHandsomeness, charm, persuasion... and his dear pure silver plated Colt 1911, which bears his bloodline's insignia.
Special AbilitiesBeing a vampire, he has the usual ones. Though, because his bloodline is a direct link to the Father, he has a better understanding of vampiric abilities and can use them better and has a wider variety than most vampires. He can also withstand sun more.
Outstanding FeaturesWhen he smells blood, his attitude changes. He's... different... and directly heads to where he smells the delicious vital liquid. Even though he does his best to be "civilized" and drink only preys he studied long ago and lured far away, he can't help a quick snack...

Personality & Background

PersonalitySimon is very high class. He acts and uses terms no longer used nowadays... though he is able to get any girl or any guy he wants. Though his way of acting is a bit between being aristocratic and easy going, making a weird mix that goes through time.
BackgroundHe is born as a vampire from a vampiric father and a vampiric mother at the same time as Jesus in a castle. Rumor is said that he even worked in Joseph's workshop to. But that will never be sure, unless Simon says so. About 500 years later, his parents got hunted by the ancestral guild of vampire hunters. In only a year, he went through this and decided that he'll continue the family's tradition.
Likes-Charming people -Sex -Dark chocolate -Classical music -Wine -Blood -Roses -Realizing his crush's fetishes
Dislikes-When somebody with who he's in love wants childrens... -People who get in his way -People who aren't polite -People who says that chivalry is dead
Additional InfoThe family tradition is infact the bloodline. He has in mind that he must make sure that if he has a son or a daughter, he must have them with another vampire from a pure family. In no way would he taint his bloodline.