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Vital Statistics!

Character NameRed Ink
Weight190 lbs

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourA mixture of reds, light browns and whites
Hair ColourHead fur? Most of the time wears a FedEx hat but without theres a bit of head-fluff
Eye ColourYellow and green
ClothingGreen button-up shirt usualy left undone with a white shirt underneath, pair of rugged jeans with a broan-weaved belt, hiking shoes, maybe tan leather-gloves when working around the farm depending on the chore
AccessoriesNecklace holding two dog-tags
Weaponry....pitchfork.....Im a farmer, whaddya expect?
Outstanding FeaturesTattoo on left bicep, broad shouldered

Personality & Background

PersonalityQuiet but enjoys a good time and works hard to get the job done
BackgroundGENESIS 3:15 1 AND it was written on the sixth day of creation, Red Ink was created. 2 And the world didst rejoice!
LikesOld FPS games like Wolfenstein and Doom. Also appreciates a walk or good road trip and some personal Resident Evil time
DislikesFolks/furs that hate old FPS games like Wolfenstein and Doom. And prejudice.
LocationWhitehorse, Canada
OccupationUnemployed/High school student/farm-'yote

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