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Vital Statistics!

Character NameRuilt Wolfrick
SpeciesWolf Shifter of the Rockblizzard pack
Height48.5 ft

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourThis tense lupine magic knight with a rich dark blue pelt of fur.
Hair ColourIt is waist-length, wavy, silky, black hair is worn in a handsome style.
Eye ColourHe has wide violet eyes.
ClothingHe wears a dark colored triaxe armor.
AccessoriesHe has light and darkness powers that are focused through cards, as well as canine powers that are invoked by a ring.
WeaponryHe possesses two mystically enchanted blades: The Angelbreaker and Heliosblade. Both forged by powerful arcane weaponsmith.
Outstanding FeaturesHe has an athletic build. He has a jade green, Wolf family tattoo on his left shin. He prefers to live and fight in Wolf form, and is rarely if ever seen in his human form.

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe's artistic, unchanging, and at times a bit wrecklace. The latter of which usually tends to be the cause of his own downfall.
BackgroundHe knows very little of his own background. Long ago he was in a terrible battle with an enemy known only as Kilagatortaurs.
LikesTalking with his friends, open canvas sessions.
DislikesHe greatly dislikes being ignored and rejected. He also greatly despises spiders.
Location#Mud's office till he finds a place of his own.
OccupationHe's a poor, common channel op who begs for tablescraps.

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