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Kit, drawn by me.

Vital Statistics!

Character NameKitschton "Kit" Viramont Bancielle Terralune von Bast
SpeciesFelis Domesticus, domestic shorthair
AgeAround 250 years of age

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourTan
Hair ColourBlack, with red highlights. One green dyed bang
Eye ColourLeft: Blue Right: Violet/Purple
ClothingShirt: Black, short-sleeved shirt (around the elbows) shirt, that goes down to the waist. It is a polyester/cotton blend, lightweight and comfortable, and rather airy. The front of the shirt has a cat face on it, shaped like =3 [] Pants: Simple jeans, comfort-fitting, with deep pockets.
AccessoriesBelt: Leather, with a belt buckle in the shape of a cat face. [] Glasses: Rectangular, black frames. [] Choker: A brown choker with sizable diamonds in it. A silver tag reading 'Kit' i son the loop, which has diamonds of a smaller cut []Bow: A bow on the tail, with a striped pattern much like the Cheshire Cat. Where the bow is tied, there is a nice bell
WeaponryClaws are heavily manicured for sharpness and strength. Also, he has followed Jeet Kune Do, and is able to use his surroundings to his advantage in hand to hand combat. He is a trained swordsman and fencer, and underwent mandatory rifle training at a young age. He also has the ability to portal cut (I.E., if you are half inside a portal to subspace created by him, and he closes it, you'd be literally split in half)
Special AbilitiesHe has mastery over alchemy, and can charm food items with transformation magic. Most of his studies were taken up by research into subspace, and as such, through this research, is capable of entering and exiting subspace at will, meaning he has both a bag of infinite holding, a teleportation spell, and a portal cut spell all in one. However, accessing subspace is based of scientific enhancements to himself and not magic, ergo magic-jamming fields have no effect on his ability.
Outstanding FeaturesHis long hair and his heterochromi

Personality & Background

PersonalityHe is nice and friendly, and generally a good person to be around. He'll brighten your day the best he can, but watch out if he's in a bad mood (which rarely happens). Steer clear of him when he's bad, because when he gets mad, he has a tendency to rant and rave and whatnot.
BackgroundKit was born some years before the American Revolutionary War. His father perished in the Battle of Ticonderoga, and his mother soon after. His agelessness has been kept a secret, and he has undergone the entire 'I am the son of X' thing and falsified documents to remain out of the eyes of the public and government. He claims to have attended many famous events in history, such as the flight of the Wright Flyer in Kittyhawk, and driving one of the first automobiles. He became heavily interested in research into Subspace around the 1970s, and by 2000, opened his first successful portal into subspace (though only for a few seconds. the tech wasn't advanced enough, and the strain on the power grid knocked out all electricity in the tri-county area). In just the last year, he's developed his own pocket of subspace, sells enchanted candy, and now has a sister whom was accidentally cloned from himself during an experiment.
LikesOlder music, anime, videogames, experimentation, friends..
DislikesBigotry, some types of music, people who go out of their way to make others feal like crap for no reason
LocationA house in the suburbs of a large city
OccupationChocolatier, his main income. He owns no official business. Deals are under the table, and his candy isnt' FDA regulated for obvious reasons
Additional InfoTechnically, Kit is a criminal. He's falsified official documents to keep the secret of his agelessness .. well .. a secret. Also, he doesn't file tax returns because all the money he gets for his candy is under the table, and there's no list of assets. Also, the candy he creates is not FDA regulated, but the legality of that is questionable, since he isn't selling it as a packaged product en mass or through any major grocery or even gas station chains. Also, one time an experiment of his blew the power grid in the entire tri-county area. That has to be illegal. He isn't registered with the Selective Service System, and has dodged the draft.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote~"Those skilled in generalship always achieve their victories by taking advantage of opportunities." -Zhuge Liang, ca.200 AD, The Way of the General ~