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Vital Statistics!

Character NameBlackstar of TigerClan
Age7 moons
Weight3 lbs
SummaryBlackstar, the most powerful cat in all the Clans. She is the leader of TigerClan. The most feared, yet respected Clan of all time. Her Clan consists of cats of all sorts, each with there own signature trick in battle. They have gotten used to EVERY climate in the world and are quick as lightning. Never have they been beaten in battle. They always abide to the warrior code and respect other Clans when at a gathering. They are in alliance with ThunderClan.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlackstar has fur as black as night , and only a small star-shaped white spot on her head and a tail that looks like it was dipped in white paint on the end.
Hair ColourNo hair, just fur ^^^
Eye ColourHer eyes are as silver as the Moon itself, whenever another cat of another Clan catches sight of these eyes, they run from battle to hide.
Clothingunless you suggest I turn KITTPET, i wouldn't ask about clothing.
WeaponryClaws, Teeth, and Strength
Special AbilitiesHer glare is all she needs to freeze an opponent.
Outstanding FeaturesShe has the most talent of EVERY cat in every clan, she cannot be beaten and has NEVER lost a life. Not a single one of her 9.

Personality & Background

PersonalityShe has a gentle personality, she's calm and cool about most things, but she can be fierce, and powerful when she needs to be.
BackgroundHer parents were Firestar and Sandstorm of Thunderclan, but she wasn't recgonized as a kit, and once old enough, ran off to re-build the legendary TigerClan, since they were almost gone, she saved TigerClan, and after there leader died, she became Blackstar.
Likesshe likes to play with the kits when she has an extra moment to spare, or visit the elders.
DislikesTraitors. She punishes them before she exiles them from the Clan.
LocationShe doesn't want other Clans to know the location of her camp, so she's not putting here. Ha.
OccupationLeader of TigerClan.
Additional InfoIs there any more to tell?

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"Do not let others worry you, for they will just worry themselves someday"