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Vital Statistics!

Character NameShiiri
Height4' 9" (145 cm)
Weight482 pounds (219 kg)
SummaryShiiri is a short, cute, yet exceedingly buff raccoon girl in her early twenties. Her face is classically raccoon, with the dark "bandit mask" present. A pair of dark green eyes peer out, winking with mischief and humor. A mass of shaggy brown hair tops this cute face, sometimes flopping over her eyes. On her ears are small stud earrings, all she is allowed due to her job as a dockworker. From the neck down she seems to have been created for the sole purpose of being an anatomy lesson in sheer muscle size and definition. Her neck is thick, and perhaps the only part of her where the definition is blunted by fur. Lower, her back is a broad, thick V of muscle. Her shoulders are a round, spherical mass of heavy cords, leading down into truly massive biceps and triceps, thick enough that the fur can't blunt their definition. Forearms bulge with muscle everywhere, and just moving her fingers slightly makes them bulge and ripple. To the front, any pectoral definition is unknown as there rest a truly massive set of perhaps J-cup immense breasts. Under these inhumanly large, impossibly firm breasts is a tummy with massive muscle, the abs thick high bulges. To the sides, intercostals are barely blunted by fur, and further out the lats form a thick, meaty wedge.
Shiiri's lower body is equally massive, as wide hips show off a massive, round set of glutes and lead into legs so thick they almost can't come together. Insanely huge quadriceps lead to massive calves, the size there making it look almost comically stuffed.
Despite her huge size, Shiiri's hands are nimble and delicate like her raccoon ancestors, and her feet are small and almost dainty on her plantigrade (human-like) legs.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourLight gray with a white underbelly, dark gray mask and tail bands.
Hair ColourBrown, worn shaggy to her shoulders
Eye ColourDeep green
ClothingShiiri wears some rather unusual attire, as fits for a somewhat eclectic raccoon dockworker who normally is on the docksides of a space station.
Across her entire body, leaving only her head and tail exposed, Shiiri wears a gray and sky blue glossy latex-like body suit. This thin suit is actually an advanced "smart" material, able to alter its' form, act as a pressure suit and even armor, and carries a LOT of processing capacity. Made of Smartex, it can in mere seconds form a helmet and tailbag if asked for or if the pressure drops suddenly, or if a hostile environment is detected. As armor, it can resist even such seemingly-unstoppable rounds as .50 BMG Armor Piercers and AP/Explosive types.
The suit can and will provide life support for up to five days when fully sealed, and can recycle all of Shiiri's wastes effectively (though uncomfortably).
The suit's processing power is entirely at the quantum level, and cannot be affected by magnetic fields, EMP's, and the like.
Despite all this, the suit is not truly intelligent.

Over the Smartex skinsuit, Shiiri wears a pair of dark-green shorts, the bottoms cuffed up to show a lighter green interior. These hug her hips and butt closely, showing off her figure.

A short jacket is worn, made in a bright almost safety orange. The jacket comes only down to the bottom of her ribs and is worn open. The sleeves, which would come down to her mid-forearm are cuffed up to just above her elbows, showing off white interiors. The sleeves barely have enough room to hold in her massive biceps and triceps. The front of the jacket also has broad white trim, and the shoulder bands are also in white.

Completing this mish-mash riot of color are a set of black fingerless gloves and a set of low black armored boots that look a lot more like armored sneakers than anything else.
AccessoriesShiiri usually carries a datapad on her, a small palmtop computer with more processing power than most university datacenters current-day combined. It serves as an all-purpose terminal.
WeaponryNone, though Shiiri has been known to wield a positively VICIOUS crowbar when given need.
Special AbilitiesShiiri is almost ridiculously strong, literally at the maximum a biological structure can handle and still be fully organic. Shiiri can bench-press approximately six metric tons and leg-press close to 7. Her endurance is close to inexhaustible physically, though normal mentally.

Shiiri is also, like almost 90% of the population where she comes from and 100% of all Uplifts (genetically-engineered animals), carrying nanobiological speedheal in her bloodstream. A mix of advanced nanotechnology guided by a small spinal quantum computer. The nanotech can also be externally guided by the suit, but the encryption is based upon Shiiri's personal codes hashed with her precise gene code, making the algorithm almost impossible to crack. This system can drastically increase Shiiri's healing rate to something almost akin to regeneration, but draws upon Shiiri's own body resources. Thus, it makes her fatigued and massively hungry when in use.
Outstanding FeaturesWhat to say? She's short and built like the Brooklyn Bridge for solid. Hyper-buff musclecoon girl in some DAMN bright clothing.

Personality & Background

PersonalityShiiri's a lover of normal life, and thus is about as normal as someone from her background can get. She takes ultratech for granted and tends to assume others understand it the way she does. For her era, she's fairly normal. For any place less advanced, she sometimes sounds like a techie, something she will vehemently deny, being just a dockworker. Shiiri can get up a temper sometimes, though not often, and enjoys tying one on in a spaceport or dockside bar. She will happily party and carouse, and it's almost impossible to make her drunk. With her strength, she's someone you want on your side in a bar room brawl.
BackgroundShiiri is a Levant-series uplift. This means some 300 years back a Doctor Anton Levant made her species, and a few others, including red pandas, altering them from animals to full sentience (the Uplift process). Originally, Levant-series upgrades were sold for profit to the military, where their enhanced strength, rapid healing, and excellent reflexes made them top-end enhanced Marines. Eventually, that era ended (some 200 years back), and the Uplifts were given full sentient rights.

For Shiiri, this is for her old news and history, and she looks at it the way most people in the modern 21st century look upon details of the American Revolution or the French Revolution: old, important, but not something that holds personal meaning.

Shiiri herself grew up on stations, her parents both being workers. Her mother is a climate engineer, her father a maintenance technician for Powerloaders, 20 meter tall unarmored and unarmed bipedal "mecha", used to load and offload the heaviest of cargoes, work out on the station's hulls, and even occasionally seeing use as docking tugs.
When she was 16, Shiiri began training for her 'loader license, acquiring it by the time she was 19 (a near-record for getting a full license). Almost immediately, Shiiri began working on the dockside of Eller's Bay starstation, her home. While she is considered a senior worker now after three years (dockworker has a VERY high turnover rate and an even higher fatality rate), she has repeatedly turned down offers to promote her off the docksides and to a supervisor's position. Shiiri just enjoys the work and the people too much to do that, plus she adores piloting her 'loader.
OccupationDockworker on Eller's Bay starstation