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Vital Statistics!

Character NameIndrora
Height6ft +
Summarya hackerish fox -- who loves some fun

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale Colouryellow with white highlights and dark yellow headfur
Eye Colourblue
Clothingtop - usually nothing, but occasionally shirts with slogans such as "i read you honor students email and holy SHIT!" bottom - cargo pants, black, denim.
Accessoriesa PDA is always on his person, and a laptop usually follows as well. other accessories include the occasional wristband with some unknown symbol on it
Weaponryjoel, along with small daggars
Special Abilitiestelikinetic and able to breathe water

Personality & Background

Personalitykind and caring, however agressive when provoked. a naturally hacker-esque nature makes him paranoid and rather unsettled at times, but a very kind and sweet fox none the less
Backgroundwas born human, however when a freak accident occured in a high school science class, he woke up in his current state.
Likeslinux, open source applications, well mannered people
Dislikesbigots, elitists
Locationcenter of the state he lives in
Occupationprogrammer & gamer
Additional Infodid i mention he's bi?

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