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Mickey! He's got the Warrior's Soul!

Vital Statistics!

Character NameBlueMage
SpeciesHomo sapiens augeous
Height6 feet, 3 inches
Weight220 lbs without armor
SummaryFormerly an aimless wanderer, now a very settled-in Blue-Magic-practicing Air Pirate.

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourBlue Mage is Human; he has no fur. That said, his skin color is slightly reddish.
Hair ColourHair is chestnut-brown under direct light, otherwise dark brown. His hairstyle sports two locks of hair draping down the sides of his face in the traditional Blue Mage fashion.
Eye ColourBrown
Clothing-A blue captain's jacket. On the back is embossed the insignia of the Blue Rogues -Underneath the jacket is a white mythril shirt, clad in armor. -Navy trousers, sporting 'Captain's Bloodstripes'
Accessories*Grandiose Tricorne, with feather in top and jewel mounted center. *Plate-mail Brassards *Squared-off pauldrons with Captain's Stripes ***Winged Greaves: Enchanted Armor, enhances and enables greater mobility, including Dash, Double-Jump, and Hover. *Dull-golden medallion around neck.
WeaponryPrimary Weapon: Armada, Gunblade with barrel built into the top of the sword. Secondary Weapons: Seven .45 carbines, Knives Blue Magic Ability: Learning (allows him to learn enemy attacks when hit with them)
Outstanding FeaturesScimitar-shaped birthmark on right bicep; triplet of scars across face from duel, stab scar in upper abdomen, slash scarring across torso; right arm is completely missing, replaced by mechanical arm which serves like a Swiss Army Knife of sorts.

Personality & Background

PersonalitySee him as 'just a pirate', and you won't quite get the impression of a family man. Get to know him better, and you begin to see what he is: a guy who's looking out for his ones, the only way he knows how and the way he does it best.
BackgroundBlue never seemed destined to be anyone great. An Air Pirate attack would change much of that, though. The savages razed his former home to the ground, killing his mother, siblings, and all of the other residents save him. Cast adrift, he found himself in the care of the crew of the wayward merchantman, Knight Errant. In a convoluted string of events, not the least of which was collegiate education, Blue would end up becoming the very thing he'd sworn to destroy, so that he in turn might destroy it. The Pirate's Life proved too charming, however, and he and a gang of rogues the world over started their own pirate career.
LikesA good joke and a good beer, most of all. Wife and children (adoptive and biological), friends, crew, and ship take equal space in his heart, as well.
DislikesAnyone or anything who threatens the above likes; allegiance doesn't matter in these instances. Traffic grinds his gears plenty, as does government. He's not a big fan of
LocationFrom England to Turkey to BFCC and back again, Blue's seen the world. Presently, though, his residence is a backwater hangar outside the city of Groundzero.
OccupationPirate is too forceful a word. He prefers to think of himself as in the 'repossession' industry. Quite a lucrative practice.
Additional InfoFighting style mixes broad strokes with quick movements and super-maneuverability.

Just for Fun

Favourite Quote"No matter what the reason, murderous hatred only begets deep sorrow and retaliation." -Yoshimitsu

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