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Vital Statistics!

Character NameProject Domino
GenderMale (Bi)
AgePhysically 25 - Created very recently
Weight150 lbs (Muscle)
SummaryYou just met this guy, Domino, he's so lovely... You two were sitting on the top of a building, looking at the moon, talking about eachother... until you ask the lovely panther next to you about his childhood. «Data not found.» He tells you... what was that for?

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourHe got snow white short fur. It is very soft to the touch to.
Hair ColourHe got short white hairs despite his youg age with silver streaks.
Eye ColourHis left eye is green and his right eye is a very light silver, nearly white.
ClothingUsually, he wears white or silver clothes, most of the time a white t-shirt and white pants with white running shoes.
AccessoriesA digital watch he wears on the right wrist and a bluetooth headset that he wears... you'll have guessed, on the right ear.
WeaponryAnything, as long as he have loaded the software for them Maximum 3 weaponry software at a time. He also needs to be close to his laptop to load softwares.
Special AbilitiesDomino is infact an AI injected into a furry, along with a lot of cybertechnology, making a white furred people into a walking computer and fighting machine. When he is close to his laptop, he can load programs into his brain, learning him to do things instantly, though he cannot load more than three weaponry programs, three vehicle programs and four general programs (like cooking). Also, with his computer and a few hours, he can alter his body a bit, for example, getting stronger or more handsome. But each time he increases a "statistic", another one decreases.
Outstanding FeaturesIt's like he's half-n-half. His left side is "normal" with a green eye and a small leather bracer. But his right side is "weird" since he wears his watch on the right wrist, not on the left and have a nearly white eye.

Personality & Background

PersonalityDomino is very kind, friendly and easygoing, always trying to meet new people «to add to my database» as he would say to his closest friends.
BackgroundDomino is about a year old. How can it be? Well, infact, Domino is named Project Domino. It was a successful attempt in creating the most advanced AI ever. Then, for reasons unknown, the scientists had a year to destroy everything related to the project, including the AI that they named Domino... It was like asking them to kill their own child! So, they took the scientist best suited to host Domino and put cybernetic implants in most of his body, then added the AI in his brain. It wiped out all of his memories and personality, replacing it by Domino, who quickly mastered being in a flesh body. Then, he was released into the world to be hidden...
Likes-Knowing more things -Being somewhat alive -Knowing people other than the scientists at the lab
Dislikes-All of those who freak out when they learn he's a computer -Knowing he isn't entirely alive
LocationIn a big city.
OccupationStudent and helper at a lawyer's office.