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My friend created this picture for me, because with my huge paws, I can barley hold a mouse...

Vital Statistics!

Character NameAndrew Nighter
SpeciesAnthro Dragon
Weight93746 tons
SummaryI'm a Dragon with a need for revenge, as well as redemption (see backround).

Outward Appearance

Fur/Skin/Scale ColourOnyx Black/White
Eye ColourDark Green
ClothingI occasionally wear armor made of Delephrite Crystal, which is a gemstone found in the heart of the Nighter's Den (now abandoned, obviously)
WeaponryOccasionally a sword...
Special AbilitiesAs well as my flame breath, I can cast low level teleportation spells- very useful in combat.,.

Personality & Background

PersonalityIn between Dark and Light...
BackgroundThis could get confusing... The Nighter Clan was once the most powerful Dragon clan in the entire universe. It was completly wiped out (except my friend, Sylonate) by a certain virus known as D-A-54, created by those 'normal' humans and furries(the reason they made this virus, is because we were a threat to their pathetic nation...) I was abandoned by the clan long before this event, just because I had recently killed a spy who was pretending to be a member of our arch enimies, Clan Rynu, to get the scoop on their plans ( a terrible mistake)... Anyways, back to the fall of the Nighters. My family was still in the clan during this event, and I shall do anything to bring them back to life! I just need to figure out how...For now, I suppose I'll crush the bastards who killed them! (By the way, they still know I'm alive, but I created an Anti Virus, with the help of my friend, Sylonate. We now are both immune to their virus...)
LikesAiding Dragons in need, as I don't dislike all clans...
DislikesCan't think of any...well, besides 'Normals'...
LocationIt depends on how I feel...